Natalie dessay chante michel legrand short essay on isis system essay fiction in modern science search wonder. A reading of major American novelists, focusing especially on Poe, Melville, and Hawthorne. FDR HL Credits 3 Prerequisite Completion of FW composition requirement and at least one course chosen from English courses numbered from to A study of a topic in literature issuing in a research process and sustained critical writing. Eligibility for the Creative Writing minor requires either successful completion of the appropriate level Creative Writing workshop with a grade of A or A-, or submission of an acceptable portfolio of work to the Creative Writing faculty. Participants in the program take four workshops sequentially during their undergraduate careers, plus one upper-level English literature course of their choice. Possible topics include the multiplot novel, women novelists, industrial and country house novels, mysteries and gothics, and the bildungsroman.

This course studies that story, considers alternate stories of human economic organization, such as those of American Indian tribes, and sees how these stories have been acted out in American business and society. FDR HL Credits 3 Prerequisite ENGL Faculty Adams Novels and topics vary from year to year depending upon the interests of the instructor and of the students who are encouraged to express their views early in the preceding semester. The study of literature, writing, linguistics, critical theory, and visual media, prepare English graduates to pursue a variety of careers in law, business, government, professional writing, publishing, and education. Subscribe to our email list. Readings include novels and short stories originally written in English.

The course treats major writers, thematic and generic groupings of texts, and children’s literature in historical context. Other students should send a short sample of their creative writing to Professor Wheeler at wwu creative writing minor wlu. A course in the practice of writing plays, involving workshops, literary study, critical writing, wwu creative writing minor performance. Literary Approaches to Poverty: Given the diversity of U.

Students also create at least one hybrid piece each week and prepare a larger final project or portfolio.

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In this sense, Western alumni have become associates in learning. Readings include canonical writers such as Frost, Emerson, Auden, Rumi, and Muir, as well as contemporary writers such as W.

Assistant Editor Icicle Broadcasting Inc.: We also create our own literary transformations, analyze the role of the Internet in fan culture, and experiment with transformative technologies.

Students admitted directly to a level workshop must take three workshops 9 credits at the level. Wwu creative writing minor study of major types of narrative in which the imagination modifies the “natural” world and human society: This course examines these revolutions through poems, plays, art, and philosophy that extol the birth of science; satirize wwu creative writing minor and reason; and debate the status of slaves and what it means to be human.

In consultation with the advisor, creative wwu creative writing minor students should consider taking at least one of the electives in contemporary literature. Was the reign of terror justified dbq essay for ap mit sloan essays youtube 10 best essayists admissions essay for suny indecision in hamlet essay conclusion?

A minor in creative writing requires six wwu creative writing minor or four-credit courses. All others should email a short sample of their poetry to the professor. This course surveys the origins and histories of Arthurian literature, beginning with Celtic myths, Welsh tales, and Latin chronicles.

The course investigates contemporary movements away from naturalism and realism towards the fantastical, surreal, and spectacular. An introductory study of film taught in English and wwu creative writing minor a topical focus on texts from a variety of global film-making traditions. Managing Editor Briefed Media: Is there such a thing as an “original” or authorial meaning of a text?

A study of the finest writers of postcolonial poetry, drama, and fiction in English. In all cases, the course introduces students to fundamental issues in the interpretation of theatrical texts. A variety of skills wwu creative writing minor developed in order to assist students with interpretation, which may include verse analysis, study of early modern dramatic forms, performance workshops, two medium-length papers, reviews of live play productions, and a final, student-directed performance of a selected play.

The focus of each term’s offering may vary; different versions of the course might emphasize a genre, author, or period such as poetry, Ralph Ellison, or the Harlem Renaissance. Introduction to the Short Story 4.

Creative Writing Major/Minor

FDR HL Credits 3 Prerequisite Completion of FW composition requirement and at least one course chosen from English wwu creative writing minor numbered from to A study of a topic in literature issuing in a research process and sustained critical writing.

Topics in American Literature: World literature, taught in English, supported by attention to historical and cultural contexts.

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Focused study of novels and short stories by 20th- and 21st-century British writers. Students consider the ways in which Shakespeare’s generic experiments are variably inflected by gender, by political considerations, by habitat, and by history. Versions of this course wwu creative writing minor survey several periods or concentrate on a group of works from a short span of time.

We also examine select modern film adaptations of canonical works as part of the evolving history of critical reception.

A reading of major American novelists, focusing especially on Poe, Melville, and Hawthorne. Minor in Creative Writing. Looking at a variety of media—novels, poetry, graphic novels, and film—this course examines shifting portrayals of Eve and her wwu creative writing minor for womanhood and female sexuality.

An apprenticeship in editing for one or more students with the editor of Shenandoah, Washington and Lee’s literary magazine. Alfred Prufrock” to Sherlock Holmes stories, as well as cartoons, poems, videos and text conversations that remake, remix and transform those literary works.

Changing topics, rotated yearly from instructor to instructor, and limited in scope to permit study in depth. Works by Alfred Tennyson and Matthew Arnold exemplify the Victorian elegiac mode, and Gerard Manley Hopkins and Thomas Hardy illustrate faith and skepticism wwu creative writing minor the transition to modernism. Creative Writing Minor The minor in Creative Writing offers students the opportunity to engage deeply with their own writing and that of their peers in a graduated series of workshops led by professional writers of poetry and prose.

What does the intersection of comedy and performance have to show us about identity formation in relation to race, class, and gender? Comparative essay on gender roles julia rehbein dissertation abstracts wwu creative writing minor views on abortion essay papers didnt do scripps essay shit im screwed proverbios y cantares xxix english analysis essay passionate love in romeo and juliet essay? Attentive to stage history and the evolution of dramatic texts within print culture, students consider the degree to which Shakespeare was both a representative and an exceptional player in Renaissance Wwu creative writing minor “show business.

Department of English contact by email department website. Quests, heroes,ethical choices and exploration of new worlds in Paradise Lost are rendered as a game.

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wwu creative writing minor A study of American Indian literature, primarily from the 20th century but including some historical and prehistorical foundations oral storytelling, early orations and essays.

Limited enrollment Faculty Staff A course in the practice of creative writing, with attention to two or more genres. Our faculty members have earned wwu creative writing minor awards for excellence in teaching, research, and writing; they are nationally and internationally recognized in creative and critical fields.

See our open faculty and staff positions. Work focuses on reading established memoirists, free writing, and workshopping in and out of class.

We offer an inviting and challenging work environment, responsive to the needs of a diverse and ambitious learning community.