Graduation Students who fulfill minor requirements will receive a minor notation on the official transcript. Students in this course study a group of works related by theme, by culture, by topic, by genre, or by the critical approach taken to the texts. One additional course chosen from the above or from ENGL or Does her influence make her dangerous? Additionally, we read fictions during the second half of the century by Twain, Chopin, and Chesnutt.

Flannery O’Connor once said that any writer who could survive childhood had enough material to write about for a lifetime. A study of the writings of Ralph Ellison, the great African-American novelist, essayist, and short-story writer. Texts and topics may vary, but this course poses questions about nation, identity, indigenous sovereignty, mythology and history, and the powers of story as both resistance and regeneration. Our Readers Series brings to campus several successful authors each year for public readings, classroom visits, and workshops. We invite you to explore our site and welcome your questions or comments. Often a stepping stone to a publication career, the course involves an introduction to the creation, design and maintenance of WordPress web sites, as well as a survey of current magazines. View English course descriptions from the Undergraduate Catalog here.

Assistant Editor Icicle Broadcasting Inc.: Students who have successfully completed ENGL,or should inform the department’s administrative assistant, who will grant them permission to enroll; otherwise a writing sample will be required.

Is there such a thing as an “original” wwu creative writing minor authorial meaning of a text? Their applications approved by the department and accepted by their proposed directors, the students may embark upon directed independent study which must culminate in acceptable papers. View English course descriptions from the Undergraduate Catalog here.

Along the way, we view various film adaptations of Arthurian legends. But despite the Tales’ professed inclusiveness wwu creative writing minor the whole of English society, Chaucer nonetheless focuses inordinately on those individuals from the emerging middle classes.

Studies in American literature, supported by attention to historical contexts. Credits 1 Prerequisite Instructor consent Faculty Staff Seminar in reading preliminary to study abroad. Given the diversity of U.

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In a given term, this course focuses on one or two of the major genres explored by Shakespeare e. An introductory study of poetry written in Wwu creative writing minor. This course studies a group of works related by theme, by culture, by topic, by genre, or by the critical approach taken to the works.

Web Content Producer Zulily Inc.: Completion of FW composition requirement and wwu creative writing minor least one course chosen from English courses numbered from to Students who will have completed at least one creative writing workshop in English by Fall Term may alert Mrs. It appears it is currently turned off for your browser. This course considers the primary work on which Chaucer’s reputation rests: World literature, taught in English, supported by attention to wwu creative writing minor and cultural contexts.

The courses must include: FDR HL Credits 3 credits in fall and winter, credits in spring Prerequisite Completion of the FW requirement World literature, taught in English, supported by attention to historical and cultural contexts. An exploration of fiction since World War II.

In meeting the requirements of this minor, a student may not use more than nine credits that are also used to meet the requirements of any other major or minor.

Students who do not meet the requisite may submit a fiction writing sample for possible instructor consent Faculty Gavaler A workshop in writing fiction, requiring regular writing and wwu creative writing minor reading.

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What does it mean to be a fan? Individual handmade chapbooks of the term’s poems serve as the final product. We research the science wwu creative writing minor social science of the ecosystems explored, as well as the language of those ecosystems.

A study of the complex nexus of gender, love, and marriage in medieval legal, theological, political, and cultural discourses. A study of prose fiction up to aboutfocusing on the 18th-century literary and social developments that have been called “the rise of the novel. Check out our Career Opportunities page to see careers you can pursue with an Wwu creative writing minor degree!

Readings include canonical writers such as Frost, Emerson, Auden, Rumi, and Muir, as well as contemporary writers such as W. The course requires regular writing and outside reading. Eve’s story and its permutations encapsulate several fundamental dilemmas in the representation of women, from Milton to the present wwu creative writing minor. We read works in various genres–verse, drama, and prose–and understand their specific cultural and historical contexts.

In addition to historical and literary contexts, we explore theoretical issues surrounding the texts, especially the relationship between history and fantasy, courtly love and adultery, erotic love and madness, romance and chivalry, gender and agency, and Europe and its Others. While we focus mainly on 20th- and 21st-century works, the presence of the past is a recurring motif in wwu creative writing minor readings and conversations. This course, grounded in science fiction and the African American and Latin American contexts, addresses this question via the wwu creative writing minor examination of a range of theoretical, fictional, and cinematic texts.

A course that uses ethnicity, race, and culture to develop readings of literature.

Creative Writing Major/Minor

Credits 3 Prerequisite Instructor consent Faculty Staff A course wwu creative writing minor for special students who wish to continue a line of study begun in an earlier advanced course.

Naturally, the CW program—like all other English majors—also offers opportunities to study abroad. A study of African-American poetry and poetics, with an emphasis on memory and history. Credits 3 Prerequisite At least junior standing. We are also especially attentive to the ways that representing poverty creates formal and rhetorical problems that definitively shape this literature: