Once is a typo. This is tested through a series of statement-based questions and accounts via a written exam. Therefore, no matter what specific questions your actual test at the company contains, you will be well prepared to pass it successfully and become shortlisted for an interview. I would also add that the Watson Glaser test is much friendlier than, say, the symbolic puzzles used by a firm like Simmons and Simmons. LegalRec Jan 24 1: They focus solely on grades without looking for any previous law related work experience.

Some possible Linklaters interview questions are:. Need our help with application forms or interview coaching? You should have mentioned how firms just use this platform to filter down their applicants. Jenny Mar 9 5: This test not only focuses on assessing your logical and critical thinking abilities but it is also more analytical in nature and follows a varied format.

Linklaters rejects applications based on the Watson Glaser test. Anonymous Jan 25 1: Your ability to contemplate information and decide whether the given conclusions are valid or not is put to the test in this section.

Linklaters Assessment Day, Watson Glaser Test, and Interview Day

Why not get someone who is overqualified for it? E-trays make use of a simulation in which you receive e-mails which you are expected to read, prioritise and process in order to complete several tasks. Deon Mar 9 1: I was even rejected from a vacation scheme at a top international firm solely based on the outcome of the Watson Glaser test.

They typically centre on the key competencies that Linklaters staff holds dear. This interview will be competency based and you will need watson glaser critical thinking test linklaters have an excellent command of them to do well in this interview.

The wretched Watson Glaser test and why I think it should be scrapped

These questions are designed to assess your ability to answer pertinent questions in the correct manner as befitting the firm. Creative thinking is the method of evaluating problems in an open-minded and unorthodox manner. Your exams are university should demonstrate your intellectual ability and the interviewers can take it from there. Much stronger than A-level results, and also it also makes interviews seem like the most inefficient way to recruit where their predictability is so low.

Looks like someone is salty about being unable to pass the test. Anonymous Jan 25 3: This section includes a short paragraph which must be watson glaser critical thinking test linklaters to be true followed by a conclusion.

The wretched Watson Glaser test and why I think it should be scrapped – Legal Cheek

If academics are all the screening needed, why do firms bother with applications forms when they could just ask for transcripts? As a candidate you have the right to know what you can expect on your assessment watson glaser critical thinking test linklaters.

Usually the best watson glaser critical thinking test linklaters will have you debate a topic at interview which helps test a variety of metrics. Having been involved in some analysis on WG and other assessments, it is one of the strongest predictors of performance in the LPC and on the job as a trainee.

Critical thinking skills are now assessed by more and more law firms as part of their graduate recruitment process. Nobody can say, hand on heart, that there is this magical test that can determine with accuracy whether or not somebody would be a good lawyer.

This is because Linklaters take extreme pride in their building ensuring that it has all the best amenities for both their staff and their clients alike. Your options will be True, False or Cannot Tell. There are a number of different activities that you will face throughout the day and we will go through each of them below.

This is not a typical watson glaser critical thinking test linklaters reasoning test and is much more analytical and varied in style. Answering these questions is actually an art form that can be taught.

If you are good enough, you should eventually succeed somewhere. Anonymous Jan 24 6: These skills are extremely important for achieving success as a trainee watson glaser critical thinking test linklaters and as a qualified lawyer and as such many law firms now test for these skills.

The written text is followed by a statement that you must evaluate whether it is true or false.

An answer from an expert! Anonymous Jan 24 2: Not sure which test is for you? When asked specifically about how the firm would handle a situation where a candidate has performed really well in other forms of assessment but does not pass the test, she added:. Jenny Mar 9 5: Keli Mar 8 The most important things you need by a country mile as a trainee are people skills. Yeah, criticizing the legal profession is legal suicide. There is no necessary correlation between better reading comprehension and people skills — anything you find is anecdotal coincidence.

Why would individuals have no confidence in the recruitment process unless decisions were based on their personality rather than the outcome of a test bearing in mind that academic results, which are crucial, are effectively outcomes of watson glaser critical thinking test linklaters Lots of people are vying for a coveted TC. Watson glaser critical thinking test linklaters for both parts of the exercise with our online written exercises preparation pack.

If your application has been successfully accepted, you will be invited to take the Linklaters Watson-Glaser critical thinking test. When has anyone in the history of humanity ever given a slightest toss about the LPC?

Who said watson glaser critical thinking test linklaters skills were the only important part of the job? Thanks, and looking forward to more purchases! Please note that this is not the only time you will be taking the test. Why do firms use it?

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