The Director of Creative Writing in conjunction with the English Department’s Graduate Program Committee will determine who will be approved for a teaching internship. Editing in Professional Contexts. Students may petition the Director of Creative Writing to allow one relevant course in English or a related discipline to count toward this requirement. Introduction, for students in all disciplines, to the process of scholarly inquiry and the most common genres of academic writing, including critiques, bibliographies, proposals, conference presentations, and articles. The department offers four tracks to the English major: Before and World Literature II:

Literary themes and styles of Old and New Testaments. Linguistics Electives 1, 2. For admission in good standing, applicants must meet the Graduate School’s requirements for scholarship. Overview of language evolution from Proto-Indo European to modern English dialects, including phonological shifts, dialectical distinctions, language familes, and orthographical and syntactical changes. We have plenty of openings for later in the week.

May be repeated for total of 9 hours. Learn more and uab creative writing workshop on our website! May be repeated for total of 9 hours credit if focus is on different subjects.

Study of an individual author, a specific genre, or uab creative writing workshop important literary movement. Selected fiction, poetry, and drama in context of post-war cultural trends and literary movements.

Daryl Brown is a graduate of UAB. Topics covered will include the discussion of the role of graduate students and graduate assistants, effective use of the university libraries, responsible conduct of research, genres of scholarly publication, conferences and professional societies, the academic job market, etc. Intensive study of one or more major nonfiction forms such as memoir, essay, or literary journalism.

Southern Illinois University CarbondalePh.

Beowulf and various texts that bear upon it including modern literary and film adaptationsas well as a close study of the Norse analogues of the Old English epic. Poetry Writing Workshop Seminar. Make an appointment with the Director of Internships, Dr.

Students should contact the Director of Creative Writing for listings of available positions and application procedures. Cynthia Ryan at cynryan uab. Students who qualify for English internships should follow these uab creative writing workshop Practicum in Teaching Lit.

PurdueRhetorical and Composition. Writing in Popular Periodicals.

Southern Illinois University CarbondalePh. English grammar review and effective tutoring strategies. Happy Valentine’s Day, Blazers! Thank you to the student who left us this evaluation–you made our week!

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Representative American writing from colonial period to Washington Irving. Women’s Literature and Theory. In-depth study of a specialized topic in film. Conrad, Lawrence, Joyce, Woolf, Ford, and others.

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The Workshop is named in honor of Dr. English Literature The study of English literature challenges students to develop their skills in reading, critical analysis, and written expression and also to develop a deeper appreciation of the aesthetic and uab creative writing workshop contexts in which authors wrote.

Research and documentation required on most essays. Selected prose and poetry, including Paradise Lost. Sections of this page. Sponsored by the Creative Writing Program at Califo Selected novels, short stories, autobiographies, folk tales, drama, essays, films, songs from pre-colonial Africa to the present, including works by Emecheta, wa Thiong o, Head, Achebe, Ba, Armah, Laye, Salih, Soyinka, and Abrahams.

Advanced practice in the analysis and writing of public discourse, with emphasis on the social politics of linguistic choices. Linguistics Electives 1, 2. May 15 Apply soon! Literary Theory and Criticism II: What better way to celebrate than getting some feedback on your writing? uab creative writing workshop

Includes writing poems in received forms and modes and uab creative writing workshop those in workshop setting. Lab to supplement the Capstone Internship. African American Dramatic Tradition. They act as interlocutors, helping their fellow-students to take charge of their own learning.

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