Beorcana Display Pro Ultra. You will get 50 points if your edit is accepted. Beorcana fonts are now available!

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I can do all that, but not easily or with as much confidence as Tal. However it is classified, Beorcana derives not only from other stressed sans designs like Lydian, Amerigo and Optima, but also utilizes classic Size-specific fonts in a non-serif typeface, implemented this thoroughly, is a great service to typography.

Tags glyphic pictograph dingbat. Congratulations on finishing your undertaking! Somehow, someday, I want to work with this font.

In an email yesterday, Carl also informed me that Mundo Sans Pro is available as well. Got mine in the mail and it's one of the best looking stressed sans faces ever. Congratulations for revitalizing the display variants too!

Beorcana Pro font - Kreativ Font

Beorcana Display Pro Light. I think I'll look around for a project to use it in as a good excuse to buy it. Beorcana fonts are now available! I also enjoyed the story behind the name of your new achievement.

Beorcana Pro

Beorcana Display Pro Ultra Italic. Font will be posted for sale on fonts. Have a good rest and beorcanz. The mastering I refer to is final testing and generation of OpenType fonts.

Beorcana Display Pro Bold. Beorcana is finally released!

Paul, e-mail me your postal address and I'll send you a specimen poster too. Beorcana Display Pro Medium. Tagged Images Beorcana Pro has not been tagged in any images. It's a wonderful achievement. And, as others have noted, it really shines bekrcana very small captions Beorcana Display Pro Light Italic.

Beorcana Pro Black Italic. Author Notes This is a commercial font and must be purchased through MyFonts.

June 26‚ 2013

We will look at your edit shortly. Beorcana Micro Pro Bold Italic. Hello, all, Beorcaa for the effusive congrats. It's typefaces like this that keep me going. You will get 50 points if your edit is accepted.

Beorcana | Typeface release party for Carl Crossgrove's beau… | Flickr

My intention was to produce a workhorse book typeface without serifs, with display variants, for general use. Thank you for your contribution! Beorcana Display Pro Medium Italic. Edit this Font Font Name: I will definately remember Beorcana, and eventually buy it, as soon as I find a project to use it for.

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