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The spine is not customizable. How much safety margin did you put in, and how much do you think got cut out? Posted May 29, at 8: I think the pages are a little lack-luster someone else mentioned this as well. They changed their paper see update notes in review so the paper is the same as their standard books, so I would not recommend Madison if you want unbendable pages.

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Also, I noticed a few people mention that they were looking at the Madison instead of a flush mount album.

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That is so odd. Posted October 31, at These photo books are made with a special post binding system and hinged paper.

Posted February 26, at 3: I would definitely recommend using a Groupon if you go with Picaboo and remember to check out the photo book deals which can really save you money on photo books. This function makes it easy to change all items in a book with one click.

Posted June 7, at The pucaboo are printed on lb. That is really dependent on your budget. Your interior pages remain intact so you can preview a number of different book covers and styles before deciding on a final style.

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A variety of materials are also available including velvet, leather and linen. The other complication is that the photos are on 2 different computers!

See a full review on Picaboo X and take a "peek" at my lay flat Madison book. Posted January 22, at 5: I called them and got the same results. Would you say that the quality of the Madison is similar to the flushmount option with Picaboo? The Picaboo logo is debossed creating an indented impression into the inside back cover of the Madison. Four months have passed — how far have I come? Posted February 27, at 9: Sorry to hear about your bad experience. My new hubby and I traveled to a part of the world we had never been to before — Australia and New Zealand.

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It took only 1 min and 17 seconds for me to access a folder of photos for the Madison book I created and then I was off and running. The cover features a high-gloss laminated custom photo of your choice with your pick of pucaboo different colors of leather: Very thorough review from the options to the ease to photo quality. Check out of all Picaboo's latest offers!

Thanks for piczboo such a great site, btw! Always wanted to try Picaboo but went the route of sites with better piacboo.

Unlike some other photo book companies, you don't have to upload full-sized versions of your photos before you can start to design your book. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the company is privately-held and can be found on the web at http: Posted December 31, at Posted August 18, at We went for about 2.

The discount does not apply to taxes or shipping fees. Yes, you can do 2 page spread and use your photo as a background with Picaboo.

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