Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. In the beginning, ragging was an amusing practice. If anything, it accentuates them. Many academicians, administrators, and above all the judiciary has been continuously denouncing it and have recently come out with legislations for preventing ragging in schools and colleges. Even otherwise, it is one thing for a girl to mimic her favorite film heroine but another to make her enact a sex scene by seniors! Letter to Recommend a Teenager for a Job, complete letter of Recommendation example. No sane person could call it as fun, to make a fresher strip.

Ragging, today, has acquired new forms, it may continue outside the school context through social networks where comments and gossips about a particular student could be done. You will receive a piece of writing meeting your specific requirements. Insights Revision Tests — It is easy to find people around us from all walks of life who strongly believe in such myths. It will bring only mental agony. On all these counts, ragging cannot hold water.

Decline to Write a Letter of Recommendation, complete letter of Recommendation example. Can a girl made to do lesbian act remain unaffected by the experience? We still practice their decadent practices, even after their discarding the practice. The dictionary explains term, as having fun or poking fun at someone; to tease. This, ragging in schools and colleges essay turn, is a reflection of frustration simmering in the minds of the young.

The Effects of Ragging.

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Ragging leads to criminal delinquencies where the offenders usually develop sadistic behaviors. Test — 58 Economy 18 May, While self control on the part of senior students can play a major part in the resolution of the issue, it is also necessary that there should be strong regulations controlling the same.

Students wearing glasses, have their glasses snatched away and are made to read without them. Students who are continuously mistreated lose hope in their studies and careers and become isolated.

What it does, ragging in schools and colleges essay, is to blight a bright career or even end up altogether, as the victim sometimes would be driven to commit suicide.

Promotion Request Letter, complete letter of Promotion Announcement example. It ragging in schools and colleges essay for strict action and punishment. Raghavan places the onus of preventing ragging on the institutions themselves. In order to solve the problem of ragging, laws have been framed, ragging has been banned by the Supreme Court, and hour helpline number has been started.

The experience is sometimes so shocking for the juniors that it takes away their whole personality, though it may also help in ‘traumatic bonding’ and a manipulative behavior. Besides the mental agony the victim suffers, in many cases there are also physical injuries that could result in grievous injuries to the victim.

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Tests 42 to 47 18 May, On all these counts, ragging cannot hold water. More effective steps need to be taken to deal with the evil. In early ragging in schools and colleges essay, ragging was recognized as a problem and since then it has been debated and discussed to find a solution. Utter Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

ragging in schools and colleges essay Yet, this sadistic form of behaviour is spreading its tentacles in our educational institutions. Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: Story of Inspiration and Hard Work 1 Jan, This will bring them together, hone their skills, and make them friendly without leaving wounds on their psyche.

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No one dares to interfere with their ways. Anti ragging cells should also be established. These kinds of activities gradually get transformed into a psychology which in turn influences not only young minds but society as well. About Process Samples F. Ragging has caused intense fear and ragging in schools and colleges essay the trust and ability of the new students to make sound judgment about the people seniors around them. Most authorities have tackled the problem with iron hands.

Insights Current Affairs Quiz,17 May At the start of every academic session, the media brings the news of suicides by new entrants, who no longer can bear the disgrace, ignominy and dishonor inflicted on them by their seniors.

He might be falsely accused of stealing a thing or things from a senior. Any leniency in this regard amounts to giving it a further fillip.

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Ragging in schools and colleges essay Reference Sample Letter, complete letter of Reference example. To register place your 1st order Password reminder. Schools in the western countries have started to take bullying as a serious offence and have started sensitizing their students against it.

Ragging has caused intense fear and shattered the trust and ability of the new students to make send judgment about the people around them. Promotion Letter for Manager, complete letter of Promotion example.

However the policies to be adopted in educational institutions for prevention of ragging should be such that it can change the mindset of the students. People forget that all tragic cases of ragging started only in their milder forms or it was fun for someone. Additionally, female students are particularly sensitive when it comes to bullying. He may be falsely accused of stealing a thing or things from a senior. Guide on how to write a narrative essay about Moving to America, customessayorder.

It could be on someone’s accent, physique, native place or economic background. Ragging in schools and colleges essay, it seems that the problem just refuses to die down because the pillars that support the concept of ragging are still intact.

In many countries support is provided for the students in the form of help line and it is already in place in most of them.