Awkward s02e11

Do you know what today is? Okay, val, why don't I start with you? And a nipple reduction. I have received many a similar text. But even though my life was perfect, I couldn't help by wonder why the hell was I wasting time recounting every little thing that happened to me on some lame blog?

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Well, I'd rather eat with you guys, but I don't wanna hurt Matty's feelings. Matty McKibben worked at Camp Pookah this summer.

Awkawrd never be able to give you what you need. I would be a mess without you. That guy I've been upset about, it isn't you. I just feel like she's suffocating me and I can't even talk to her about it. Oh, I can't be horizontal. I would love that really cute baby, but I would never love you. I'm breaking up with you. So if you wanna get to know me, ask me out. I'm sorry, Jenna, you're just you're not the same girl I met aawkward camp. Every girl wanted to be me and every guy wanted to bone except the gay ones, who still wanted to see my boobs.

My advice, give that rugrat up for adoption.

Awkward. – S02E11

Because I was halfway through sophomore year and I was killing it. Oh, damn, is it "bring a freak to lunch" day? Jake's totally cooled it on that skitch. I just didn't feel like doing it.

What I discovered during my journey into the world of fiction, one, there was no point in hoping for a do-over, because sometimes, they suck more than the reality, two, I did not want to write fiction, three, I couldn't write fiction, and four, I couldn't write the facts with an audience.

Is this awkwaed for you? Boy, this year would be different. Good, bad or ugly, I was going to go with my gut, if a do-over wasn't an option maybe a start over was. And I knew exactly what I would do differently. I wasn't implying that. And I finally knew who it would be with.

There was zero chemistry. But why was I telling the public at large? So I'll break it off with Matty, you get rid of Lissa, and we can be together. Before you kiss me, you should know.

He's getting back together with dumb-o. Or was gut subconsciously trying to protect me from a s02s11 future with both guys? Jake's about to pump and dump you.

Awkward. - S02E11 | Bunny Series

I don't think we should see each other anymore. I just said that to hold on to Jake.

I didn't have to choose between Matty or Jake, but I wanted to. Without so much as a flirtatious wink from Matty or a coy smile from Jake, the boys walked off with their girls, never even bothering to ask Jenna's name.

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