Reference Letter for a Friend, complete letter of Reference example. Many new companies are opening in the industry and do more to grow their business in the competitive field. It needs to be tackle seriously otherwise our future generations would suffer a lot. The industrial development and the Green Revolution have adversely affected the environment. Pollution has been a big environmental issue all over the world.

Carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin to reduce the amount of oxygen that enters our blood through our lungs. Trees also work effectively as barriers to sound waves, and thus help in reducing noise menace in cities and towns. Letter to Recommend a Teenager for a Job, complete letter of Recommendation example. For the most urgent need today is to protect and preserve what remains of the environment. Many of us are not well aware of the pollution even they do not know how they are creating problems to the environment and polluting it. Just imagine, only decreasing number of plants may cause such a big problem which is not our only mistake. Various measures may be adopted to control pollution.

January 2, at 7: It gives us everything like pollution essay for class 12, water, land, plants, and sky for the healthy survival of the life.

It is our duty to keep the environment of the earth pollution free of late there has been a worldwide awakening as far pollution is concerned, but it is not sufficient. It is the topic of anxiety and debate to solve this issue. It cannot be solved by the effort one or two countries, however; it can only be solved if all the countries do hard and strict effort from various aspects regarding this issue.

Foresters know how to plant trees, but not how to devise methods whereby villagers in India, the Andes, or the Sahel can manage a plantation for themselves. The quality of life is worsening day pollution essay for class 12 day as pollution acts as a devil which causes various health ailments like high blood pressure, kidney disorders, respiratory disease, cancer, epidemics, skin diseases, etc.

This is possible only when individuals and the government are serious enough about remedying the situation and make quick, joint efforts.

Acids and heavy metals falling with the rain constitute additional sources of water degradation. It disturbs the balance of the ecosystem and causes health hazards. Yet again, the pipes through which the water is supplied to us are often old and rusted. Noise pollution also known as sound pollution is harmful to the brain and hearing of all animals and humans. These discharges contain a variety of poisonous effluents from factories and workshops.

I want to tell you that pollution is a slow and sweet poison which is disturbing us and our living very badly in all the aspects such pollution essay for class 12 physically, mentally, socially, and intellectually. Thus the increasing level of this gas in the environment causes global warming increased climate temperature due to emissions of greenhouse gases which in turn causes lots of problems and brings environmental and social changes in direct and indirect pollution essay for class 12.

Our kids and school going children of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 usually get topic of pollution to write essay or recite speech on this.

Without pollution essay for class 12 atmosphere and its balance, the earth would have just another lifeless and barren planet revolving round the sun.

I … studying in class … standard would like to speech on pollution at this occasion. Water, one of the most essential needs for the survival of life on the earth is being polluted to such an extent by industrial waste that it is posing a serious threat to plant and animal life.

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The ice caps in the polar regions have begun to melt fast. Pollution is the mixing of some harmful or poisonous materials into the natural resources available on the earth.

The demand on agriculture to increase food production conflicts greatly with the need to pollution essay for class 12 the environment. Most of the solid wastes, garbage and other unused things are thrown away by the people on the land which cause soil pollution and affect the crop production.

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The biggest issue to the environmental problem is the removal of forests and urbanization on that place because of the increasing pollution. Industries release a large quantity of carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere. Environmental Pollution Our earth is the only planet in the universe which has an environment suitable pollution essay for class 12 life.

All these three kinds of combustion release several types of gases. Air pollution causes global warming which scientist believe is making the Earth warmer and melting ice up in the South and North Pole. The polluted air we breathe every moment causing lungs disorders and even lung cancer thus affecting the health of other body organs.

In the recent years the rate of pollution is increasing very sharply because of the industrialized waste material mixing out directly into the soil, air and water.

In order to fight the dangers of pollution the sewerage and factory effluents -and wastes should be pollution essay for class 12 and cleaned before being discharged in streams, rivers and seas. Environmental pollution is affecting our daily lives negatively in various aspects of life such as socially, physically, economically, emotionally and intellectually.

There is a very safe way to dispose of nuclear waste, but it has been proven in the past that many of these techniques can be harmful to pollution essay for class 12 beings if they are not properly completed. Such contaminants are also causing water and air pollution as they get mixed to the underneath water supplies and some chemicals produce harmful vapors respectively.

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The government is trying to reverse some of the effects man has had on the environment, for example, factories have to monitor the amount of emissions that come from their chimneys very closely and if they emit too much sulphur dioxide or other harmful chemicals then the factory can be closed down. These sources are used for cooking and heating and are commonly found in the household both in the rural and the urban areas. These pollutants decrease the productivity of the soil. Such contaminants gets introduced into the natural environment and causing adverse change.

Air pollution is increasing day by day because of the increasing number of industries. It never comes to our mind that the cities through pollution essay for class 12 these rivers are flowing, pollution essay for class 12 their water supply from them.

However, in our country full attention is not getting paid to control it.

Human, animal, plants, earth and environment are indirectly connected to each other and necessary for the existence of healthy life here. Air pollution in one form or another has accompanied human society from the beginning. The aftermath of all this pollution essay for class 12 of air and water is really deadly for all those living in cities. We need to maintain the originality of our environment to continue the life on the earth, the only place where life is possible till now in the whole universe.

It is not new that smoking affects the passive smoker ranging from burning sensation in the eyes or nose, and throat irritation, to cancer, bronchitis, pollution essay for class 12 asthma, and a decrease in lung activity.

Activities such as bathing and washing clothes near lakes, ponds or rivers add nutrients like nitrate and phosphate into the water bodies. The first and most important cause of pollution is the growing population. Essay on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Our environment plays a very significant role in making possible the existence of healthy life on the earth. Appreciation of the material and spiritual importance of a healthy natural environment has spread.