For example, what links can you make between literature and, say, psychology? This forum is supported by: Entries to the competition are now closed but teachers can still approve entries submmited before the deadline via our online system. A word of caution: You are here Home Peterhouse Essay Competition. I have a question – can you help? Why give to Peterhouse?

Cambridge was a lot of fun. Why give to Peterhouse? How do I approve a student’s essay? Who was Godfrey Washington? It is a great experience, writing such an essay, and even if you do not end up being a prizewinner, the skills learned from such an experience are invaluable in everyday life! Turn on thread page Beta Toggle.

I cannot comment on the differences in the courses yet, as I have yet to go to the Cambridge open day, but in terms of living in Cambridge, I could peterhouse cambridge essay competition myself there. Advice on everyday issues Replies: A word of caution: Instructions for entrants and essay questions are provided for the KelvinVellacott and Thomas Campion prizes. They all came from such different backgrounds and locations around the UK and Ireland that I, as a Londoner, would never have heard of otherwise — you peterhouse cambridge essay competition, the UK is very London-centric.

The day has really made me want to go to Cambridge and study Natural Sciences Revision home Revision homepage. Friends, family and work Replies: Highcliffe Careers Fair Employers, colleges, universities and training providers will be exhibiting at Highcliffe School Back Why give peterhouse cambridge essay competition to the Friends?

Peterhouse has a lively musical life, with a student music society, a chapel choir and an outstanding chamber music concert series.

They are looking for absorbing, informative, well-researched essays.

Search Peterhouse Search Peterhouse. The Ward Library supports Peterhouse staff and students with a variety of study spaces and a collection of over sixty-thousand volumes.

Additional information, such as the word limit, is included in the list of questions for each prize. Year 12 student, Eleanor Sheekey, took up the challenge of exploring this issue in her response to the essay title set by Peterhouse Peterhouse cambridge essay competition, the oldest college in Cambridge University, for the prestigious Kelvin Science Prize.

Whilst it is often true that winners can make strong applications to Cambridge or academic courses at other competitive universities, many students who weren’t successful at the prizes do also apply successfully each year.

G F from Woldingham School with ‘ Why did early modern people accuse their neighbours of being witches? I managed to find some other prizewinners in the accommodation later that evening, and we stood in the peterhouse cambridge essay competition discussing universities, our peterhouse cambridge essay competition and how one individual believed it to be disrespectful to a book if it is read in the late evening, when one cannot fully focus on it.

Extra entries are granted at the discretion of the prize co-ordinators and must be arranged in advance by your teacher. Follow 1 Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted by email.

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I wrote mine in the form of a truncated literature review. Keep in mind that this was at a time when I peterhouse cambridge essay competition AS-levels would be a walk in the park like GCSEs and that revision that early would be an utter waste of time.

Notify me of new comments via email. If you have any questions about applying to Cambridge, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Admissions Office ; unfortunately, we are unable to give bespoke feedback on the essays submitted to this competition. Fascinating stuff, I have to say. We will create an peterhouse cambridge essay competition for your teacher with the email address you provide.

To begin writing, start off my thinking about your question. I didn’t win, does that mean I shouldn’t apply to Cambridge? The Peterhouse Chapel Choir is a friendly and diverse group drawn from the undergraduate body of the College and beyond.

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Back How can I join or donate? Please note that we will only respond during office hours and it may take some time peterhouse cambridge essay competition us to get to your query. What are the markers looking for? For the unaware, punting is where an individual stands on the back of a narrow barge and uses a long pole to push the barge along the river by pushing it against the river bed.

Should I incorporate critiques, or is that unnecessary? If you have a question and you’re sure it isn’t answered here, on the essay prizes page or in the pdf guide to each competition, then you can get in touch. peterhouse cambridge essay competition

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Highcliffe School welcomed fourteen students and two members of staff from our partner Part of the fun is seeing the different and creative ways entrants peterhouse cambridge essay competition the questions as we do not believe there is just one way to write a good essay.

I still have an issue with the peterhouse cambridge essay competition accommodation, seeing as I am used to well-insulated and modern constructions, but I am sure I could oversee something like that to be studying at an institution like Cambridge!

Kelvin Science Prizewinners Current Peterhouse students then took us around on a tour of the college, which was also very informative. I didn’t win but I’d like feedback on my entry I’m afraid we can’t provide feedback on entries and you should consult with your teachers if you wish to receive guidance.

Some schools set the essay as a task for their students and submit the top two.

If you could choose the gender of your child purely on the basis of which is most likely to live the longer, which would you choose?