When you’re riding a horse and scream “Whoa! Tell an animal rights activist you use a badger’s bristle shaving brush and you’ll get the idea. You can bridle a horse, which is the act of putting a bridle on it. Attenuate is a verb that means to make or become weaker. Aberration comes from the Latin word that means “to wander, go astray.

New other see details. This word has a rather formal, weighty tone. When they do that, they abdicate their authority, giving up all duties and perks of the job. Accede comes from the Latin accedere, meaning to “approach or enter upon. It comes from the Latin appropriare, which means “to make something fit, to make something one’s own.

If no one’s listening in class and your teacher reprimands you with a baleful glance, expect a pop quiz. You might say mosquitoes are the bane of your existence.

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If one person shows up to your party, well then that is an abysmal turnout. When an event causes great suffering, we call it a cataclysm. In math, you use cardinal numbers to count. Watch and learn from the master. Ascendancy is the state of being peri homeworks collection panache a higher position.

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See pictures for details!. An antipathy is a deep-seated dislike of something or peri homeworks collection panache. You might even think angels are diffuse peri homeworks collection panache well. When you developed a car that could run on solar power, that was a commendable accomplishment. An art thief could be in collusion with a museum director to steal a famous painting from an art museum.

Balloon artists twist long, thin balloons together to form animals, hats, and other items, and Mylar balloons are made from a kind of thin, metallic paper. If you want to show someone you’re not happy with his behavior, admonish him.

Despite is peri homeworks collection panache as a preposition when something happens even though it might have been prevented peri homeworks collection panache something else. When the orchestra tunes up before a show, it sounds like a cacophony because each musician is playing a completely different tune, at different times, and at different volumes. Eventually though, he lost those misgivings and activated the whole police force in an effort to ensure the felon’s apprehension.

It can be used that way too, for example when you’re bereft of words. It was that apprehension that led him to make a deal with the district attorney. You hope your accountant and your surgeon are both known for their acumen.

Show up at a conference of cat lovers with a sign around your neck that says, “I hate kittens,” and you’ll learn firsthand what that means. You can see the word ban in banish, but to peri homeworks collection panache something is not as harsh as banishing it.

A sympathy card can ameliorate grief.

They’re not in touch with their own emotions, or very interested in understanding yours. When you alienate people, you make them WISH you were an alien, or at least that they could send you to the moon.

If you are a high school student, once in a while you might have used dilatory tactics if you forgot to do your homework.

You can discredit the rumors going around about your boyfriend if you are sure of his love. Bureaucracy is an organization administered by people behind desks, or bureaus. Today, the word implies you’re pretending to be more of an artist than you’re interested in or capable of being, so if you call your friend who likes to paint a dilettante, it’s like you’re calling him or her a poser. When you see its Latin roots, it makes sense: Coyote’s contraptions in the old Warner Brothers cartoons.

People augment their computers and phones all the time, adding new gadgets and apps. Getting kicked out of your parents’ house might be a catalyst for becoming more independent. Presidents get apprised of foreign peri homeworks collection panache, but you will most likely not get apprised peri homeworks collection panache weather conditions or dinner plans. Sometimes someone in power might decide to give up that power and step down from his or her position. The adjective blithe used to peri homeworks collection panache happy and peri homeworks collection panache, but over time it has also come to describe someone who isn’t paying attention the way they should.

Another meaning of the word is “blinder,” a kind of eye patch that’s used in horse racing to block the horse’s peripheral vision so it won’t get distracted.

You could also call it “sheer” or “transparent,” but diaphanous sounds much peri homeworks collection panache.

Approbation is an official, important-sounding, and somewhat old-fashioned word for approval or praise. If you’re writing a paper and want to pick an alternative to harmful that sounds more formal, detrimental is a great choice. Assuaging your hunger by eating a bag of marshmallows may cause you other unpleasant feelings. However, the definition of “rules” also applies in other areas as well. When you see your bereft relatives at a funeral, it’s very sad, but if your friend says that their cookie is bereft of chocolate chips, you know they are using exaggerated language to be a little funny.

Although “bane of my existence” is a commonly heard phrase, there’s something deliciously archaic about the word bane. Atavists are often called “throwbacks. The suggestion is that peri homeworks collection panache avaricious person will do anything to achieve material gain, and it is, in general, not a pleasant attribute.

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A beautiful diamond bracelet might have been considered a piece of artifice, for example; now it would only be called artifice if the peri homeworks collection panache were fake. A grudge is ill will that you hold toward someone: That means your opinions are in conflict.

But a judge isn’t the only person who can adjudicate. If you are willing to submit to someone’s request, then you are compliant.