Comparing and Ordering Rational and Irrational Numbers 15 Ratios and Rates Volumes of Right Pyramids Adjacent Angles 97 The Percent Equation Interior Angles of Triangles Approximating Irrational Numbers 8

Subtracting Rational Numbers Additional Problem Solving 83 Unit C: Approximating Irrational Numbers 8 Using the Pythagorean Theorem Representing Proportional Relationships 40 Multiplying Rational Numbers Approximating Irrational Numbers

Adjacent Angles 97 Surface Areas of Right Pyramids Reasoning and Parallel Lines Linear Functions Volumes of Cones Subtracting Rational Numbers 17 Solving Two-Step Inequalities 72 Exploring Irrational Numbers Representing Proportional Relationships 40 Writing Two-Step Equations 53 Multiplying Rational Numbers Distance in the Coordinate Plane Exploring Scientific Notation Solving Pearson digits homework helper Equations Using the Homework Helper. Angle—Angle Triangle Similarity Operations with Rational Numbers Digits, Grade 7, Volume 1, Homework Helper.

Unit Rates With Fractions Recognizing a Function 91 The y -intercept of a Line 66 The y-intercept of a Line Markups and Markdowns Exterior Angles of Triangles Number and Operations Topic 1: Proportional Relationships and Equations The Pythagorean Theorem Volumes of Right Pyramids Exploring Scientific Notation 21 Operations With Rational Numbers 36 Areas of Semicircles and Quarter Circles The Slope of a Line 52 Surface Areas of Cylinders Percent Increase and Decrease Volumes pearson digits homework helper Cylinders Approximating Irrational Numbers 8 The Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem pearson digits homework helper Constant of Proportionality Rational Numbers, Opposites, and Absolute Value 1 Using the Pythagorean Theorem Recognizing a Function Surface Areas of Prisms Solving Two-Step Equations 58 Using the Percent Equation Representing Proportional Relationships Additional Problem Solving Measuring Angles 90