Roxio mydvd menu styles

It wasn't that hard. The way it works now is very time consumming. Review by teshia on Nov 26, Version: Review by campennui on Feb 5, Version: Program could use more transitions, and the one problem I have - When each picture shows in the slideshow, about a second of the picture the pixels on the screen seem to "pop" into place, sort of like a flicker, then after second or so the picture is fine.

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I had to give it 7 for value for money, but that is because it came free with my burner. It's imbecile, not embicile. But, no matter what I try myvd isn't much The official line is that it's not in the standard so they won't let you do it. So even though the capture saw the video roixo, it apparently was not compatible. When Mjdvd finished my project the first night, I was very happy with the preview and I'm ready to burn.

FYI, I'm running Win XP Pro on a 1-week-old computer with the fastest most up to date components in every category that are available today. It is fairly easy to use and looks like it has potential to be a decent app to do simple DVD burning.

MyDVD Deluxe Menu Styles Pack 1 - Roxio, Inc. Software Informer.

If you must use this software, then I wish you luck, but don't convince yourself that this software is the pinnacle stylfs the DVD production technology available.

I emailed tech support and was told I could upgrade to 5. They informed me that the software was not compatible with the ADVC Not missing a thing. Sign In Sign Up. I initially pull the video from the camera and save to HD instead of Kenu -- works great but slow after capture is done while it saves stuff to HD!

That's the way things went.

Got my machine running again, uninstalled previous OEM Sonic versions completely, rebooting when asked, then started install again. And don't forget you can create your own!

MyDVD - Changing menu styles

This software is not free. Whoever said it is EASY to use is a complete idiot. It's a great tool for someone that wants a "no-brains" way to create DVDs. You can easily move from capture to editing to burning in a snap.

Left an incident request on their website but haven't got a response. It should never have been released.

Went to Sonic support for help, it's been over a month and a half and no relpies, after several differnet attmepts, by computer. So I input a style name and clicked OK. MacOS9 Ease of use: What kind of discs are you trying to make? Already have an account?

MyDVD - Editing menu text

Fair enough, it's not as flexible as something like TMPGenc dvd author, but it is excellent if you just want to dump what you've filmed onto a disc, create a menu and give it to someone. There are a number of nifty menus under "menu styles" where you see a still photo of each style.

Review roxip terrahwk on Aug 25, Version: Tried to download a patch to their 5. I proceeded to make a layout with thumbnails and a few submenus.

That and the ability to transcode audio into Dolby Digital 2. Someone please tell me they figured this out because I'm stuck without the 5.

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