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The questions of civilizational local identity seem to be most many-sided and most extential, as far as it deeply touches the ontological essence of method- ological discourses described above. Struggle including class struggle for space, for the ways it is envisioned and imagined goes on in web and virtual spaces context as well. During the communist era, Russian human geography was dominated by empirically centred economic geography, but the s and the first decade of the 21st century represented a true compensation period for the humanistic and non- positivist researches of space.

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Contemporary Conditions for the Representation of Identity A. For that purpose, chap- ters which include examples of what the inhabitants of investigated countries, regions and metropolitan areas think of themselves and of the position and significance of their own place in the world are especially relevant.


Above it again, closer to the level of ideal consciousness there is a stratum of territorial regional identity. That analytical category reflects a condition of the cognitive sphere that is shaped by perceptions, images, stereotypes and myths, connected to various geographical objects, their location, borders, internal structure, cultural and political meanings.

Atget, Alexander Rod- chenko. That is to say, a territory concept looks like a bestem ding, a background, whereas identity ftnic transforms, changes and finds itself in particular territorial context. Sociology concentrated its interest on the role of territorial identity in the relation to other types of communal identities.

Territoriality, however, is inherent not only in state communities, but it is also a constitutive feature of regional and local communities, which identities are ftnic revived and become increasingly im- portant, thus opposing the unifying globalization see, for example, Castells These concepts are certainly more or less related to one another, but mixing them sometimes raises confusions and obstructs the scientific analysis.

Sometimes they even enter the spheres of traditional cultural influence of other local civilizations. At this stage, the objective differences of the given socio-territorial group are decreasing while the subjectively perceived and inter-subjectively validated differences per- sist. The territory performs two functions in this process. The dissolution of the USSR in brought transformation and crisis of the civilizational identity of Russia.

March 15, ] Murdoch, J.

However, blesfem it turned out this undoubtedly new phenomenon is far from being a major tendency in blesgem development of mankind.

In other words, co-spatiality is created in result of semiotic mix- ture of territorial identities that traditionally are never combined together. While both of them can be oppressors, only the aliens from the east are barbarians as well, i. Issledo- vaniia po evropeiskomu regionalizmu, Logos, 6, pp. On the contrary, we do not see these discourses to come out into the area of direct and indirect inter- discursive interaction.

The individual, on the contrary, realizes the identity or, rather, feels it. Anyway, territorial identity according to this cognitive model is a result of some purposeful relations.

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Region and regional identity According to Ossowski Around the same time horologic con- cept in geography is first formulated theoretically. In other words, any local imagination, displaying itself as stable series and systems of spatially constructed and built images, can be considered as independ- ent civilization. Log In Sign Up. Elias ; Smith Properly speaking on the one hand the space can and should be reproduced, on the other hand it represents the most essential institution providing stability of the whole capitalist system in general Lefebvre As far, however, as the norms superimposed by culture seem to be the on- ly ones that exist, culture may be treated as nature, i.

As part of geo-spacialism, the space of any civilization can be adequately represented not traditionally in maps, but in geographical im- ages.

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The ideas of Foucault have served as a stimulus for overcoming the traditional negligence of space and favouring of time, typical for a number of philosophers and social scientists. Social geography was interested in lbestem spatial extent of territorial consciousness but also, interest- ing for sociology, its hierarchical levels. If the cohesion of such communi- ties cannot be based on the — weak — economic or institutional potential, it is re- inforced by victimization.

The Dictionary of Human Geography D. The latest term cannot, however, be abstracted from the notion of border, which is related to the transcultural pattern of territorial groups, yet merely some of them. Society and Space, 14 5pp.

As a synonym of the regional collectivity, the region is one type of territorial communities.

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