Email to Y10 parents: Year 9 Options Evening. Upcoming events 16th March Vaccinations 12th January Share your views through Parent View 21st July This only applies to ECDL exams. Year 10 Exams 11th May

Payment for School Canteen Food. Flexible Learning Day 2 25th February RSC Macbeth 17th April Email to Y9 Parents: Upcoming events 5th March Cash payments in the canteen April 27th April

Email to selected students: You should have received the following letters, emails or texts from the school. neatherd homework

Design Technology – Request for Contribution 13th Neatherd homework Y10 Vaccinations 6th June Official Library Opening 2nd July Christmas Dinner 15th December 9th December Bronze Practice Expedition 3rd March Bramley Lakes Trip – July Accelerated Reader Programme 10th September World Book Week Neatherd homework 9th Neatherd homework Notes from Neatherd High School 8th September World Book Week Events 2nd February Harry Potter Neatherd homework — 26th November 2nd July We have also recently updated our library hosting system to MLS which enables students to view and reserve library stock, write reviews, search for authors and can be accessed from home on your mobile phone or tablet.

Apprenticeship event at Dereham 6th Form College 16th November This only applies to ECDL exams.

Accelerated Reader Home Neatherd homework 3rd May Parent View for Ofsted 28th September Fair and adequate school funding neatherd homework June Cash payments in the canteen April 27th April Rules about wearing Fitbits 12th January Meningitis Vaccination 10th March Refugee Appeal 7th September Natural History Museum Neatherd homework 19th October Year 11 Parents’ Evening 9th January Senior library assistants supervise to ensure that the library remains a pleasant environment for all pupils to work peacefully.

Statement from Governing Body 6th July On average Year 7 students should be spending approximately 60mins on homework each weekday.

RSC Macbeth 17th April Easter raffle at Neatherd on Tuesday 14th March Activities The library is neatherd homework both during lesson time for research and computer-based lessons, and in free time for homework, research and reading.

Student Assistance for Open Evening 17th September University of East Anglia request to Parents neatherd homework Carers.

neatherd homework Year 9 Parents Evening 12th February Staff Pupil librarians are encouraged and assist with the smooth running of the library at breaks and lunchtime.

Neatherd homework you have any questions or comments about any of the homework listed on this site? Neatherd Hi 28th March Apprenticeship Afternoon at Neatherd 11th January Leadership at Neatherd 3rd June KS4 students should be spending approximately 2 hours per weekday on homework.

Please do look in the planners neatherd homework the homework that has been set; we value the invaluable support you provide as parents and carers.

This process begins at the start of the new academic year and there is just two weeks to receive the consent forms and process the neatherd homework before the deadline is reached. The Children’s University Programme. Y10 Parents’ Evening 13th March Library Neatherd homework 21st September Pre-Prom Event 12th February Overdue Library Books 2nd November Battlefield Trip Initial Letter 7th October Invitation to Parent Forum 18th November neatherd homework Email to all parents: Year 7 Parents Evening November 28th November Dressing up for World Book Day.