Ammunition switchfoot

General Comment This is a awsome song , and Jon Foreman is hot!!!! I mean, when we do somthing bad, weapons in schools, drug usage statistics, etc etc it just gives those who want to censor us and control us more ammunition legally. Login with Facebook Error:

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Ammunition Lyrics

Add your thoughts 19 Comments. General Comment hmm i kinda thought it was about wars Login with Facebook Error: Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. We are ammunition with a short fuse.

Switchfokt is found on the album The Beautiful Letdown. I think what he's saying here is that we can either blame it on other forces, or we can take on the responsibility of not doing the stupid shit that gives these people power after all, thats what most of them really want. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

So long as we keep trying to find other reasons such as religion, politics, current trends, etc. Add it to our wiki. Why not add your own? It says that we shouldn't also blow up because of our problems we are the fuse and ammunition.

General Comment um im gonna piggyback off of pyro. It's awesome that some people actually listen to switchfoots lyrics and understand them lol.

Ammunition lyrics - Switchfoot original song - full version on Lyrics Freak

They have a reason to enforce stupid Zero-Tolerance laws and allow metal detector checkpoints in schools and things like that just because they have the statistics to prove that we need ammunirion. General Comment I agree with PyroPenguin, but I also feel it is addressed to all of us, not just the youth. General Comment i agree with pyro, it's about looking at yourself to see why you saitchfoot in a situation that u shouldn't be, u can blame everyone else for your problem but it is ultamitely your fault.

General Comment These are all really good explanations, but the specific idea Jon had was in regards to AIDS, as he explained at a concert of theirs I went to. The message is that we should take our problems to God one hope and one slavation. General Comment I think this song means that the youth of today is ammunition for the arguments of people of authority. That's how it is, every day, all over the world.

I think this song means that we shouldn't just blame our sins on things, when we're the problem we're the issue.

Switchfoot - Ammunition Lyrics | SongMeanings

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! I mean, when we do somthing bad, weapons in schools, drug usage statistics, etc etc it just gives those who want to censor us and control us more ammunition legally. That and faith makes the switchfoo.

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User does not exist. There was an error. General Comment I love this song, the guitars are so intense. The bridge "look what a mess we've made of love" reminds me of the movie The Green Mile didn't read the book, sorrywhen John Coffey says "He killed them with their love for each other. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Login with Google Error: Lyrics submitted by rjbucs General Comment This is a awsome songand Jon Foreman is hot!!!!

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