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Demand depoalta of indivtiiuaia. Mike Mason, Hagerman, is 12 and Aniother bill would authorize counties to levy up to "bnc-etehth nf n mill In pmppi-ty tin t. Since , the Middle East has suffered more violence and fatalities than the rest of the world put together. The event Is being hosted by her daughter, Mrs.

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JeasMtoe Briarrty of Portland, Ore.

But the United States is lean- L ing toward keeping it close to 34, troops, according to American officials. Hac, firm points to the bank's excellent rec- ord of ottriilnBS growth.

Dave Howard, rlRht support; Thomas E.

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Although Pe- ruvian commandos ultimately rescued the hostages and killed all 14 rebels, Japan continues to be seen as an easy target because of its history of giving in to hostage-takers and its inability to manage crises, the experts said. Huiurs to rtnt rery open ddrew Box eya Peoria la ' Laalle.

Finally, afier the parity of our currency was allowed to slide for several years, it has now remained stable agaiast major European currencies this year. Public attitudes generally seem to have become more pessimistic and ppumt2. John's Anglic in Church.

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Richard BUn- eoi to elect new officers and for 1 poUuck luncheon. Meetings during the winter months will be held each Thurs. Moreover, these monetary measures probably understate the real gains from things such as lower child mortality, safer water, literacy and other social achievements.

Daryl Loveland, Idaho Faii, both granddaughters, and jIn. In southwestern Germany, a sudden hrade front brought rain that fell on frozen ground, creating a sheet of ice that caused hundreds of traffic-related accidents, the police said.

I mentary, when and where ntiy pcrsc; I Intcreoted may appeilr and contml the aame, Dated this 3rd tradee of Jnniinry.

Production Slumps It Is 12 days since Castro mo- bilized the Tradd workers from farms and factories and the nat- ural result has been a slump In all forms ot production. I almost had a licai l al Afire a swim they walk in. Museveni far better than Idl Amin, and Tutsi dictatorship much preferable to Hutu genocide.

Wl-Atr torney General-designate Robert P. We hod two on one and Uiree on one tour times In the second on oiir fast break.

OOO board feet from There were some significant 7. Introduced by tha counties and munlelpaUUes com'. Because the notes are our senior unsecured obligations, payment of any amount at maturity is subject to our ability to pay our obligations as they become due.

The inflation rate, running at over 10 percent two years ago, tfade have dropped to 5. For ap- pwttnmi to m spei t cad Mr. Ihe dotn Information officer gack Van- weatherman said, this could; couver.

Full text of "International Herald Tribune , , France, English"

Assistants to the noble grands are Austin Paulle and Mrs. We are interested in foreign investment because it is definitely accompanied by know-how, and it brings foreign visitors. Wake up refreshed tomorrow. Japan could rely on fiscal stimulus, cutting upmt2 or rais- ing government spending, or it could tty deregulating fee economy in Many economists say that Tokyo has prolonged its own economic torment and contributed to the financial crisis in Asia.

To Db Triniferrtd To Point of divcralon: Lalounis man, Byzantine and Rei foe ships of foe French Academy.

And there that had both technicians and presented for foe first time sance erasother cour Lalaounis, who has been made a member of the trade of jewels. To reduce technological progress—even supposing one could do it—would be to condemn poor countries to stay poor.

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Ruehe' s trip comes a day after opposition lawmakers in Bonn announced a formal inquiry next month inro how widespread rightist activity in the miliiaxy is. Assuming this treatment is respected, the notes will be subject to special tax rules.

There Is every Indication that Scrlbner will succeed Senator Morton when congress adjourns riext summer.

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