Richard Fong — Dec 6, It will even print out a dyno graph of the engine's expected power curve. The "Pro Iterator" works like the cam iterator, and tests hundreds of combinations to help you reach your goal.

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You're tired of throwing parts at the same old engine and not seeing the results you'd like. Dynodim accurate compression ratio is also essential, and dyhosim you're trying to determine your existing ratio, accurately program it into the simulator, or experiment with a different level of compression, the DynoSim program genuinely represents what's happening inside your chamber.

If your basic engine dimensions have been altered by overbores or stroker cranksthese measurements can be adjusted easily.

The DynoSim software will also calculate dynosin ratios, airflow and cam profiles. It will even print out a dyno graph of the engine's expected power curve. Once the engine is complete the software is also capable of performing thousands of simulations in Pro Iterator to determine what degree the cam s should be dialed in for the best horsepower or torque outputs.

In a similar fashion, camshaft dimensions can be typed in to replicate your cam of choice. Related Articles SuperStreetOnline how to.

View Photo Gallery 1 Photos. Dynosik designing an engine virtually before building one, the results should be better, once the powerplant is living underhood. In a similar vein, the Pro Tools features accessible through the camshaft screen show more information and data than most will ever use. Get Latest News and Articles.

The GM Vortec V8 was introduced in as an alternative to the Duramax diesel for customers seeking maximum power without the hassles of diesel fuel. Power and efficiency are represented in many different forms like the 3D charts and graphs shown. Katech notes the impact on dynoskm stability as well. Dynosm you ever wondered if the cam you're installing is actually making horsepower?

The pull-down menus cover everything from stock manifolds and factory tailpipes, to open headers, and just about everything in between. Check out the accessories we put on a Chevy Camaro SS!

ProRacing Sim's DynoSim Virtual Engine Software-Super Chevy Magazine

The Windows-based software is easy to use. Just follow the instructions and choose the short block from the hundreds of different car manufacturers.

Both dnosim and fuel injection are equally weighted on the DynoSim program, because regardless of your induction system, the computer assumes it's perfectly tuned and fully capable of feeding fuel at the specified cfm rating.

Once the iterators are done finding your optimum dynoism, the DynoSim program will share exactly how much more power it was able to find for you.

Many different options exist for intake design, which is good, considering this is a common situation faced by enthusiasts.

Pro Racing's Sport Compact DynoSim - Engine Simulation - Turbo Magazine

Get an inside look at some of the toughest shelf-stock pistons on the market: DynoSim also offers the option of finding the best-possible cam for your particular application, through simulation testing. When you djnosim the program to work for you, the results are at least inspirational, and at best an optimal way to design the most-perfect engine for your specific application.

The money saved by virtual testing in this manner pays for the program many times over, especially if you love digging for every possible pony like we do. Whether you're looking for more peak horsepower, more peak torque, or more area under the curve, the DynoSim iterator will find it for you.

The Cyber Dyno

How about the ported and polished cylinder head? Likewise, your exhaust system can be accurately duplicated, as well. You need to have a decided advantage, in order to be quicker than all your pals.

Early indications point to an additional contest, where enthusiasts can enter to build a virtual engine using this very softwaredynosimm compete for cash prizes. By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our terms of use. Check out this Dynoim article where we explain the importance of replacing your LS7 exhaust valves!

The 's Forgotten Big Brother The GM Vortec V8 was introduced in as an alternative to the Duramax diesel for customers seeking maximum power without the hassles of diesel fuel.

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