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While that may have been a rather long-winded way to say "the game gets really, really hard, really, really fast," you probably have a better idea now of what you'll be up against. Mercury takes on similar gameplay to that of Marble Madness. Overview Control a little blob of mercury through mind-bending puzzles by changing your color, splitting into pieces, and beating the clock. You're Good to Go!

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In most levels, the blob starts out as a silver color. So you what you see? Added by MrSmart Report.

Archer MacLean's Mercury (Sony PSP, 2005)

The blob itself moves around in what feels like a very realistic fashion, so it'll split up when stretched too thin, reassemble itself when squeezed together, and just generally move around like the blob that it's supposed to be--and it actually looks pretty impressive doing it. Awesome Studios Genre s: July Learn how and when to remove this template message. This game will soon be featured as afcher Retro Game of the Day! Games you may like: There's also a ghost race mode where you can try to compete against your own times, as well as a two-player Wi-Fi multiplayer mode that, unfortunately, is basically the same thing as the kercury mode.

My 10 year old daughter loves this game, as do I.

Archer Maclean's Mercury - Wikipedia

Mercury PSP This game is a lot of fun. In Mercurythe player tilts a level in order to get a drop of mercury to its appointed destination, in a similar fashion to Marble Madness. It's sort of a Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball-esque puzzler that replaces your typical sphere with a blob of mercury. Mercury mostly presents itself quite nicely, if mercry bit simplistically. A couple of blemishes on this archfr are a lack of auto save why?

There are really only a few specific types of objectives you'll have qrcher meet to beat a given stage. Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch, This game will soon be featured as our Retro Game of the Day! I actually bought this game for my wife who loves puzzle games but I started playing it and now she wants it back Negotiate obstacles and hazards, solve puzzles, and compete against ever- tightening time and percentage limits while avoiding traps and predators.

The bonus of the time limit is that it keeps the pace of the game brisk, without just blatantly rushing you through each stage.

The one issue is that when you get multiple blobs going, if they spread too far apart from one another, the camera will simply zoom out as far as possible, which in some cases can be quite far. After all secret levels are discovered and themselves have the highest scores, a medcury 7th world Orbit is unlocked, although this is very difficult to accomplish.

The game features new puzzles and modes, as well as a more vibrant and cartoony style of graphics. All this publication's reviews Read full review. However, if the highest score is achieved in all levels of one particular world, a secret 13th level, called a Dreamscape, is unlocked.

Archer MacLean's Mercury Review

An original and mature puzzle game for Sony's shiny new trinket! Color mixing is based on the RGB color modelas opposed to the color rules of paint. The blob can also be split into two separate parts by a variety of means; the two blobs may then be moved around and rejoined if they touch. I am not one to get "addicted" to a game but this game is the closest I have gotten.

You'll always be under a time limit, so you can't just sit around trying to plot out your next acher. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A more fleshed-out, unique spin on the single-player could have made for a very cool multiplayer experience in Mercury. Ignition Entertainment Release Date: But, as it is, the camera zoom isn't too terrible.

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