Now you click your left mousebutton and pull over the things that come up when you press buttons. Watch your macro play. I only made this guide, by borrowing ideas, just helping people out. Does anyone know if MacroGamer is safe? Thank you very much, awesome program and so easy to set up.

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At the moment I dunno how to use Macrogamer why use it when I have a G? G tut well if you own Macrobamer never know if you don't try it, i say go for it!

This is all from me now, I do not demand any rep since I just put some ideas together. Press any key on your keyboard you wish to bind the macro to.

Watch your macro play. Thx for the reminder phreec.

[Program] MacroGamer

I need to remap one of my mouse buttons to one of my keys and I don't know which macro key software to trust. Movie of it in action. Robin3sk View Profile View Posts.

When pressed a message will sound tell you mwcrogamer your recording and when you are stopped recording.

MacroGamer -

Thank you so much! Now let's get over to the REAL tip. Try it and pm me with results.

Please read the whole post again? But the potential is there, that's why MLG may God have mercy upon their souls have banned certain controllers from their competition. Last edited by Thidan; at Open Logitech G-series Keyboard Profiler. The time now is Last edited by Imakepigsfly; at Well the mouse is a badge-engineered Steelseries with some extra RGB.

You can specify a toggle key to turn on and off your keybinds while in game. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Rename the macro to whatever you like.

Now you click your left mousebutton and pull over the things that come up when you press buttons. Start a New Discussion. Showing 1 - 15 of 29 comments. Results 1 to 15 of macorgamer You can specify a key to start and stop recording your macro while in game. Originally posted by Juicy Black Booty:.


Last edited by Robin3sk ; May 15, 5: If you plan on using this, then I attached a setup to macrogqmer MacroGamer for you. Your manufacturer should have their own macro software that'll beat any of the unreliable and potentially unsafe third-party garbage.

How to use To use this software follow these steps: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

You can create profiles containing macros that you can share with other gamers. Enter in a name for the macro.

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