The entire series was re-dubbed with different voices for Cartoon Network. About Me Harshit Bhatt. The former love interest who only appeared in two episodes Jealousy and The Joker Joked. Suddenly, Oliva jumped through a hole in the snow with a shovel in her hands. Games Movies TV Wikis.

I’m already seen all episodes of the series. These horrible, filthy, little vermin are always making him go against his nature, which is relaxed, lazy. I would really love to see how the creative team behind OATC gets tighter to form a story board and discuss the nuances, scene by scene. Given the current crop of cartoons full of violence, mythology, evil, and super-power-wars, that are so prevalent on TV and do more harm than good, I find these episodes more humorous and entertaining. Email required Address never made public. Dwelling in his ventilator and pestering him endlessly are the three roaches of varied colors. Good morning friends, my name is arnab,i read in class 7,i love oggy.

He usually spends his time either watching TV or doing housework – when not chasing roaches.

In almost every episode where they appear together, she kisses him on the cheek. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here At times however, they form a villainous friendship when they both end up in trouble. Make your own Handmade Greeting Card.

She is a white cat. Roaches in his clean, neat home are the signs of a life’s failure. Oggy is constantly victim to the roaches and through them, also prey to Bob the dog.

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The SMS-based responses would win exciting Oggy and the Cockroaches merchandise, with the bumper prize being a gift voucher worth Rs. He loves to spend his day dusting, cleaning, mopping, watching TV, growing his vegetable patch and live a peaceful life. An athletic, forever skating, master of all sports and arts, Monica visits Oggy occasionally. Provided you let OATC settle into your system. However their relationship isn’t perfect.

Oliva has a hairclip shaped like a heart, a yellow bow between her hair, a body that is white, short eyelashes and soft fur. In ” Steamed Out!

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There is never a dull moment or I-know-what-will come-next in these episodes. All at once, they started digging, and cleaning snow to reveal a big city. He usually ends up complicating the game as he is always building strange contraptions and concoctions to deal with the pestering cockroaches. In ” Ugly, Dirty and Good ” when Joey regresses back into a child, Oggy takes him under his care and is genuinely distraught when they go back to being enemies after finally he recovers.

He adores game shows, fantasising about the day he’ll win a self-cleaning oven, or 12 gear vacuum cleaner on “The Wheel of Fortune”… Oggy, an Ideal Home fan, is a natty housekeeper. Everything happens in extreme.

Oggy and the Cockroaches, if you like Tom and Jerry

Only one thing this cat is after: Suddenly, Oliva jumped through a hole in the snow with a shovel in her hands. But, after a few episodes in Season 4, he doesn’t seem to feel as nervous as before. Oggy is a diplomatic, sometimes lazy and an easy-natured cat who is the constant victim of the cockroaches. Labels Articles 25 Essays You may like these related posts.

While Tom hits the roof, Oggy hits the moon. Bob is super fierce, he would let out sharp, shiny and glaring teeth and a humongous growl. Occasionally, they end up kissing each other on the lips. Newer Post Older Post Home. Jack has essay on my favourite cartoon character oggy and the cockroaches that are thick and pointy, his ears are short, his body is green, he has grey paws, a big red nose and yellow freckles on his cheek.

Oggy slept with the large sound of the blizzard. Unfortunately, they forgot to turn the oven off! The next door neighbor with anger management issues.