Martyr defiled collusion

The fallen will never rise again - its just another shadow in the mist. Another dying flame in a world of ice. Just shut the fuck up. I will not be left to rot. Only the strong survive we will surpass this day - Hatred spawned from the greed that we're subjected to by the regime of existance by manufacture.

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Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. It is quite impressive that collueion a young band from the UK has been able to write a very mature and all-round great album for their debut. Now we lie broken men. Martyr Defiled — Collusion.

There is no escape. The powers that reign in our intellectual sensitivities are the same that control our influx of our life supply. Archae Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at webmaster darklyrics.

Martyr Defiled - Collusion - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

We are all force fed digested remnants of lies. And to contest is what we call sacriledge.

I am the law. And i will bring justice to my captors.

Martyr Defiled:Collusion (2010)

October 25, Zach Redrup News 0. I will not be left in the dark. The sky is burning, the sun is dying.

January 26, Zach Redrup MediaNews 0. The faceless control the world through colpusion of the burning hole in your mind. Login Create a Profile. Fuck their hollow promises and fuck their politics.

And we die alone. We will rise again. University Union, Leeds MySpace: Can't they see they're living a lie? Zach RedrupFounder Read More. Retaining a death metal feel for the majority of the song, and then slamming the listener with an extremely intense breakdown that shows that breakdowns can still be well written.

The world is consumed by shadows. I'll follow you past your fucking grave. I will not be controlled by you. An Act Of Colluzion A broken shell of what once was. Take one for the fucking team. Eulogize March 26th Comments. Maelstrom Hidden in the shadows, the only motive is greed at the expense of millions born into slavery.

ALBUM: Martyr Defiled – Collusion

Lights flash before me. I can only stand and watch as I raze the place to the ground. Zealot Where am I and what is my purpose? Undying loyalty to the hand that feeds is expected. The Sectarian State 9.

I don't know if im awake or dreaming.

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