The eggs are like tough marble and are of greenish colored. The best time of day to handle Emus in early morning or late evening. Hi all this is mathan from chennai. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have 20 Acre of land. Please give me good suggestions as many as u can, as many as u have..

First of all decide the land. Chicks of 2 to 3 months and above of a similar size are kept from 20 to 50 birds in 50 feet X feet area they are ready to transport to a processing slaughter facility. Do we get acceptable profit in this business? Hi i am Jyoti prakash Pradhan from Sambalpur western Orissa. Hi, i’m Nilesh, i want to start emu project in kurdus alibag maharashtra india so give me suggestion about all the procedure in this project.

Hi I am ashok mahala resident of Khatu shyam ji dist. Visit some emu farm practically and finally start emu farming in India. You must know breeding techniques of EMU birds for better understanding.

When emu mania swept heartland of Tamil Nadu – The Hindu

Any available banks in hyderabad. And always try to take good care of your birds.

Keep the chick inside the incubator for their first 2 to 3 emu koli business plan. Availability of barbs separates them without interlocking to form firm vanes. Hi, suresh from Amalapuram, East Godavari Dt, Andhra Pradeshwe have 1 acre horticulture coconutplz brief business opportunities at my place, selling of products etc.

The floor must have to be free from dampness with easy drainage facility. Chicks and emu koli business plan sometimes suffer by some health problems. Any quail farmers around Nairobi, Thika?

We have a devoted team of experts and doctors to initiate this project.

Emu oil costs around Rs. Female emu breeders starts to lay emu koli business plan after 24 to 28 months from its birth and it will lay 12 to 15 eggs for the first season, Emu egg laying season is from December to march and, Emu bird t will lay one egg for four to five days. I want to start EMU bird s farming. I want to start EMU farming, i want a project report about the emu farming and also want to know about the threat to emu koli business plan farming.

Please help me urgently. Emu farming is absolutely a very profitable business. Kindly advice me that how can I start a Emu bird farm and the required finance etc.

Keeping of Peacock in Kenya.

When emu mania swept heartland of Tamil Nadu

I am sathiraju intrested in starting Emu koli business plan business in my village near mandapeta town, East godavari district. Hatching Units Set up at your Farm: I am very very interested to start this business.

Hi all this is mathan from chennai. Dear sir, I am having agricultural land of 38 cents in Ottapalam, Palakkad District, Kerala with water facility.

Leaves, Tinder grass, emu koli business plan, fruits, ajola, insects etc. Since I am doing it for the durst tie I am looking for a professional to advise me. When male birds are kept there to hatch required arrangement of food and water is mandatory. Buy eggs and hatch chicks — Require the least capital initially, provided eggs can be obtained at reasonable cost.

You sell chics any where any time.

How to Start EMU Bird Farming

They will start breeding in the season starting from Sept How to do Pawpaw Farming in Kenya. Simple Case study for your reference of Emu farming Profits: Average production figures The figures presented below below should be used as a guide only Age at sexual maturity: How much does it cost to feed the Emu chicks or emu birds? It really depends on the age factor of Emu chicks or birds you buy to start a with the emu farming and if a farmer wants to start with three months chicks then rate of investment per emu chick would be around to Rs per emu koli business plan chick and need to establish the shed or shelter with minimum 30 pairs and if they decide to buy 12 to 15 months of Emu chick then the emu koli business plan per emu chick would be around Rs to Rs and for infrastructure for emu chicks would cover around Rupees approximately.

Please contact me as I want to start in one Acre Land. All the above fields are required. If you are interested pl contact me on Request you all to provide me the complete information about the business. The main benefits of commercial emu farming in India are listed below. Nasir Patel – Tauhid Patel – Indian weather and climate is also very suitable for commercial emu farming business.

An easy way to make the collar in by using 2 large dog collars clipped end to end to make a large collar. Please share your contact details so that I can call and discuss more or please call me emu koli business plan Presently I am in Goa and I am scheduled to retire in the year I am interested to do this business.

Be particular for creating feasible environment for farming birds. Loose and hair-like body covering of these emu koli business plan makes them unique.

Such planning starts by understanding this bird. Lessons for beginners in chili agribusiness. You can use paddy husk for making litter.