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Your link to the Windows XP only leads to links for Windows List of top downloads. Compatibility and XP mode simply say unable to continue and to consult troubleshooting guide. Contents [ show ]. Logical Journey of the Zoombinis was re-released on August 6, , under the name Zoombinis.

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Maxine 0 point Windows version. Similar games Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games: This remake features updated graphics and support for modern operating systems iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and later Kindle.

Award - Zoombinis: Kyle 0 point. Here the player must create a pizza with unique toppings for each troll.

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lotical If the player is unsuccessful in delivering the correct pizza after 6 tries, a troll has the right to strike the Zoombini delivering the pizza and that Zoombini returns to Zoombini Isle, leaving another to take its place. Morty 0 point Mac version.

The buildings earned are in order: Too poorly done to play on anything modern without huge headaches, sadly. Upon welcome to Didimension Hotel, the player must arrange the Zoombinis in the Hotel's compartments, again divided by characteristics. Im running a bit Alienware 17R5 so specs arnt the problem. Now they must escape, in groups of lgoical, to find their new home: The player must find a path among a grid of different-shaped, patterned, and colored lily padsacross which zomobinis Zoombinis are carried by the eponymous toadswhereof the markings of each correspond to a particular feature distinguishing the path.

I have been wanting to find this game for forever!!

Zoommbinis was really excited to show my bf a math game that I'm actually good at. So I've managed to get the game installed on a VirtualBox running Win95, but it says there's no sound devices, and now that I've installed the sound card it keeps crashing??? Deluxe introduced such features as Practice Mode, in which the player can pick any level and any difficulty to play without influencing their "campaign" progress, and the help icon, which explains how to solve each level from within it.

It was successfully funded.

I had no success with windows 3. I think the virtual drives i tried did not emulate the protection still on this ISO. Only you can deliver the Zoombinis from the clutches logica the evil Bloats, who have seized control of Zoombini Isle!

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award!

Logicsl your logical and analytical abilities. I made a lot of mistakes and couldn't figure some stuff out so it took forever to install but I finally got it and it works great: I don't know any math games that have been as fun as this one.

The Washington Post 's Rob Pegoraro wrote that the game's pattern and deductive logic puzzles teach "how to think" rather than a specific skill. Han 1 point Windows version. The first and last 'legs' are compulsory and must be completed by all Zoombinis; for the second leg the player is given a choice to take either the north or the south path. Graphical improvements "Pizza Pass" level.

The same toad cannot be used more than twice; nor will any toads hop diagonally.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

Zoo,binis wand called the "Swapping Stick" is left with the toads and the player must use it assembling a path, until the wand's use is exhausted. There is still one problem. Logical Journey of the Zoombinis was re-released on August 6,under the name Zoombinis. Sign up for our Email Newsletter.

This needs to be configured for macs Here are two bridges across a crevassesupported by six wooden pegs.

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