8 Oct braking, pursuant to Regulation No. Annex 2 – Appendix 1 – List of vehicle data for the purpose of Regulation No. 90 approvals. E/ECE/ vehicle regulations not only to lift up our people’s safety and environmental . harmonization and the mutual recognition of approvals on UN/ECE/RH. Consultation on proposed amendments to braking regulations 71//EEC or UN/ECE Regulations 13 or 13H (collectively the “braking regulations”). The.

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The braking test shall be conducted with the engine disconnected and idling, and with the vehicle laden. Diagram 2 Tractive Units for Semi-trailers 5.

For trailers equipped with pneumatic and electric control lines: Reduction ratio between travel of coupling head and travel of piston in master cylinder; 2. Alternatively, for vehicles with battery powered electric traction only, the state of charge may be adjusted by running the vehicle. The following shall be derived ece r13 regulations the curve obtained from these measurements see Figure 6 of Appendix 1 to this Annex: This ece r13 regulations performance shall give a stopping distance not exceeding the following values and a mean fully developed deceleration not less than the following values, using a control force not exceeding 70daN, Ece r13 regulations M Category N 0.

However, in the tests provided in paragraphs 5. Steering wheel position and yaw velocity information used to assess lateral stability.

InterRegs: Regulation No. | ECE – United Nations

Regulatons processing for the BAS. Differences according to Paragraph 3. Arrangements of approval marks 3. The nominal voltage rating shall be 12V. In particular, the braking system shall be so designed, constructed ece r13 regulations fitted as to be able to resist the corroding and ageing phenomena to which it is exposed. Priorities of signals on multiplexed data paths shall be stated, ece r13 regulations priority may be an issue affecting performance or safety as far as this Regulation is concerned.

In the case of a braking system regulationd to Paragraph 5.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The action of the service braking system shall be distributed between the wheels of one and the same axle symmetrically in relation to the longitudinal median plane of the vehicle. The braking regulatipns t shall be determined by the formula: Five sample sets of the brake lining shall be subjected to the comparison test; they shall be compared with five sets of linings conforming to the original components identified ece r13 regulations the information document concerning the first approval of the ece r13 regulations type concerned.

This Annex defines ece r13 regulations procedure that may be used to check regulwtions and towed vehicles equipped with an electric control line against the functional and performance requirements referred to in Paragraph 5. Excessive analogue filtering shall be avoided, and all filters rgeulations have sufficiently similar phase characteristics to ensure that time delay differences are within the required accuracy for the time measurement.

The simulator shall be deemed to be validated when its output is comparable to the practical test results ece r13 regulations by a given vehicle type during efe dynamic manoeuvres of paragraph 5.

We do not re-word, summarise, cut or interpret the regulatory documents. At the discretion of the Technical Service the checking procedures defined above may be repeated with the ece r13 regulations functions relevant to the interface in different states or switched off.

The documentation shall be supported, by an analysis which shows, in overall terms, how the system will behave on the occurrence of any one of ece r13 regulations specified faults which will have a bearing on vehicle control performance or safety.

If the test velocity cannot be achieved, then the duration of the test can be lengthened according to Paragraph 1. Power-driven vehicles having a maximum mass exceeding 16t or authorised to tow a trailer ece r13 regulations Category O shall be fitted with an endurance braking system according to Paragraph 2.

– Transport – UNECE

It shall be possible to easily assess ece r13 regulations wear on service brake linings from the outside or underside of the vehicle, without the removal of the wheels, by the provision of appropriate inspection holes or by some other means. The width of the pass band from 0 Hz to frequency f o at ece r13 regulations 3 dB shall not be less than 30 Hz.

Notice of confirmation, extension, or refusal of approval shall be communicated by the procedure specified in paragraph 4. If the requirements of Paragraph 3. The documentation shall be supported, by an analysis which shows, in overall terms, how the system will behave on the occurrence of ece r13 regulations one of those specified faults which will have a bearing on vehicle control performance or safety.

A schematic of the vehicle braking system; 2. Booster type and size Raw yaw rate data is filtered with a pole phaseless Butterworth regulztions and a cut-off frequency of 6 Hz. This requirement shall be met at all pressures between ece r13 regulations and kPa, in both the laden and regulatioms states of load.

Setting the simulator 3. The service braking system shall have only one control device. Modification of vehicle type or braking system and extension of approval 8.

For the purposes of these provisions it is assumed that not more than one failure of the service braking system can occur at one time.

During the tests to determine the time t, the feed rate of the energy source shall be that obtained when the engine is running ece r13 regulations the speed corresponding to its maximum power or ece r13 regulations the speed allowed by the over-speed governor.

This may be t13 by the use of an auxiliary release device pneumatic, mechanical, etc. Dynamic tyre rolling radius m ; 2. ece r13 regulations

Testing shall commence at ecs pressure that may be specified by the manufacturer but is not higher than the cut-in pressure; 1. The test vehicle is ece r13 regulations around a circle 30 meters in diameter at a speed that produces a lateral acceleration of approximately 0,5 to 0,6 g for three clockwise laps ece r13 regulations by three anticlockwise laps.

If this warning is given, the batteries may receive some recharge during the tests, to keep them in the required state of charge range.