All drum hits are tracked and replaced including ghost notes, fast fills and rolls. With difficult trigger signals you have to do a lot more fiddling but then that's why SPL has given you so much control. Having said that, once you've got the WAV files it's very easy to put them in. We also like having the Transient Designer and the tuner for exactly dialing in the sample--sometimes that is all that is needed to "marry" a new kick drum sample to the rest of the kit.

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The triggering is rock solid and the phase is remarkably good.

SPL DrumXchanger review | MusicRadar

Yes, you can batch convert but why no support for other formats? The producers I work with love the auditioning ability of DrumXchanger. All drum hits are tracked and replaced including ghost notes, fast fills and rolls.

DrumXchanger includes two Transient Designers, one for the original and one drumxchangef the sampled sound so you can swiftly and accurately recognize the sound you wish to replace and process the replacement sample. You can go from rrumxchanger following dynamically and triggering on every ghost note precisely or have the new sample fire the same loudness every time.

It is, in fact, a powerful tool to optimize drums tracks. The close snare mic track was full of hi-hat spill and kick drum leakage plus the drummer played a lot srumxchanger ghost notes and a few fast rolls.

Sound replacement technologies are usually based on level recognition, so you can only set the threshold for a given level. The Sample selection section also has a Phase reverse button for flipping the sample's polarity degrees if you hear cancellation problems.

On a good clean input signal it takes very little time to set up. Every multi-sample is made up of up to 80 sounds in sixteen dynamic levels and five variations. Here you can manipulate the source sound using the first of the two built-in Transient Designers, adjust it using high and low-pass filters and then set a ducking level should you want the spill, but not the sound you are replacing.

SPL aka Sound Performance Labs is an old hand at level-independent dynamic processing with the invention of the Transient Designer and the Transient Designer plug-intwo of their best products. The DrumXchanger allows you to set two different thresholds: Adjusting the Q will refine immensely the trigger performance both in accuracy and speed! I've had as many as six different snare samples mixed with the original live kit--don't ask me why.

I did manage to tweak until even the quieter first strikes fired the sample. This results in softer sounds not being recognized and overall accurate recognition impossible. If you select a SPL Kit by clicking on the drumkit icon in the GUI, you get an entire kit of kicks, snares, and toms ready to go--just select the individual drum on the icon and get it now.

All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. Since I was going to mix the original with the new sample, if the very first attack of a fast roll doesn't trigger, it was not the end of the world.

System Requirements Display resolution: In the default advanced triggering mode, both green arrows' threshold settings have to be reached for DrumXchanger to play a sample. These sound good but to make it as flexible as possible you can build your own sample sets using the editor page.

DrumXchanger is now a mainstay in all my mixes! By looping song sections, where the drummer played a couple of fills and ghosts, I adjusted the green arrow threshold handles and the threshold controls themselves until DrumXchanger followed all hits perfectly.

Lastly, the Dynamics control lets you determine whether DrumXchanger follows the original drum's dynamics or not--or any amount between these two extremes. Great for tracking drum performances with very wide dynamics or changes in stick techniques, drumxcganger can copy drumcxhanger paste your best working setup from one to another and tweak the copy for a special triggering or changing samples as required for certain song sections.

It will do this in real time and in sample phase-accuracy with the original signal.


Clicking the Load button allows navigation to the folder where your drum sample. Living up to its name, DrumXchanger's method of sample selection is one of its best features.

When the producer arrived, he didn't like the sample I used but, since I had already done drumcchanger work of programming the triggering etc. Since you can automate changing from Setup A to B, I went down the song and changed to Setup B for those touchy moments. Pushing the Trigg button "copies" the TD processing to the trigger signal sidechain as well as the original.

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