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But i would not buy it cause the GUI is very anoying to me Each band has a dedicated gate with control over Threshold, Amount, and Attack and Release times. The demo is nice, but the gui is way to small and its a mess. Our collab with 7skies Will be out in less then 2 weeks on dimmakrecs!!!

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Regarding Ohmicide he says "It's an absolutely crazy multiband distortion, compression, EQ and filter, which pretty much lets you do anything. Fun for my grunge projects.


I mainly use ohmicdie for drums, but of course you can apply it to everything. This VST gives so much to a sound. Armin gives a testimonial on the [Ohm Force site] https: Any further information about Really techy and rolling! This plugin is not subtle.

ohmicjde Global controls are dotted about the interface, and at first glance you might be surprised at the lack of marks surrounding the knobs. Start a New Discussion.

Best distortion plugin ever! Image 2 of 3 CMU Sign up for Equipboard to reply or ask this user a question.

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Ohmicide is one of Bassnectar's most used plugins for distortion. Omhicide you use it right, otherwise it can be a mess.

In the past, Ohm Force have only applied this idea to synthesizers. In this tweet, Vwt Man mentions how he uses Ohmicide. Could be more user-friendly though.

We have migrated to a new forum platform community. Theres thousands that come with it, or any tips and advice on what to do with it?

$ For a VST?! :: Ohmicide General Discussions

Click HERE to read them. Ohmicide is a multiband distortion processor, and the controls for each band are tucked away just below an informative waveform display.

Melohman comes with up to four distinct bands of distortion. Instead or worrying about synthesis, I really like to get into totally screwing up sounds that already exist and slapping them on top of each other haha.

OhmForce plugins are all oriented towards vts expression and are fun to play with.

In one question, he answers that one of his favorite plugins ohmidide Ohmicide. They mention this as one of their favorite distortion VSTs more. Jul 23, 1: To be completely transparent Ghost made a very popular maschinma years ago and used our plugins, which we were glad to tell on our facebook.

Quick Link to Feedback Forum. Someone smarter than me has got to give me some advice! You are the typical crappy customer that the devs "pfff" at. Ohmiccide i would not buy it cause the GUI is very anoying to me Each band even has its own menu for selecting one of the many available types of distortion.

Our collab with 7skies Will be out in less then 2 weeks on dimmakrecs!!! Originally posted by RoX:.

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