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What does this song mean to you? Aqua Timez Related Items See more. Read our Privacy Policy here. Description Single release from Aqua Timez tijez used as outro theme for popular anime "Magi.

If we now stand back to back, we ecen wings But we no longer have a place to fly to Ever since I met you my long journey had ended Timdz no longer go far away, I'll just hug you here Even more tightly, let me embrace you. Add to Cart Bookmark Subscribe. Usually ships in days. Even if we strike ourselves with questions, I wonder if we can answer them honestly That magi boy has no longer magic I've decided to make that boy smile If the person I like laughs for me even if the sun stops roaring, I won't be afraid because I'll wait for the next morning Like when you open an umbrella on rainy days your heart opens on days with clear spreading skies And there's the two of us, with our laughter floating in the air like soap bubbles, it'll be nice if it went on like that When we were little mom and dad where there You and me had a place to return Regardless if there was magic or not Even if there was money timrz not There was a nostalgic smell we call love They were normal mornings, but in there actually lied all the important things, I now know that You too?

If you find one in Proxy Shopping Search results, go to the product page and gimez on "Get a Quote" button.

Eden (Aqua Timez) - generasia

Ima se wo muke auqa tagai wa tsubasa ni naru Keredo mou bokura ni wa tobitatsu basho nado nai Anata ni deatte nagai tabi wa owatta Mou tooku nanka nai koko de tada anata o dakishimete iyou Motto tsuyoku anata o dakishimete iyou.

Customer Reviews Find out what other customers have to say about this item. If we stand back to back, we form wings But we no longer have a place to fly to If we could become gentle without making anyone cry I wonder if we could become heroes without making anyone the villain Even though the magi girl threw away her magic wand She wanted to held it tightly like it had warmth I'm sure we weren't born in this world to be burdened by things but to hold them tightly We're like a butterfly loop Gently tied together, timsz we are torn apart someday The sky isn't a place to flap your wings but something to gaze upon.

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Please also write your own review. We have recently updated our privacy policy, which will be implemented from May 25, onwards. Miageru monoda to isagiyoku akirameraretara aquua naa Te o toriatte aruite iketara ii naa Daiji edeen mono o ushinatta no ka ushinatta mono ga daijina no ka Hatena wo jibun ni tsukitsukete mo bokura wa sunao de irareru ka na Mahou tsukai no otokonoko wa mou mahou nado nakute mo Ano ko o egao ni suru to kimetan datte sa Daisuki na hito ga warattete kuretara Taiyou ga nari yan demo tsugi no asa o materu kara kowaku nakatta Ame no furu hi ni kasa efen hiraku you ni ne Hare wataru sora no hi wa kokoro hiraite iyou Soshite futari de maarui warai goe o Shabondama no you ni hitotsu zutsu ukabete iketaraii naa Osanai koro papa to mama ga ite Boku ni mo anata ni mo kaeru basho ga atta Mahou ga atte mo nakute mo Okane ga atte mo nakute mo Ai to yoberu natsukashii nioi ga atte Nandemo nai asa hontou wa soko ni Taisetsu qqua nani mo kamo ga atta koto ima nara wakaru Anata mo?

Eden (Aqua Timez)

You gotta check out. Dakishimeru mono bakari na no dakara Boku to anata ga chouchou musubi no you ni. We will then be glad to obtain it for you Service Details. It'll be nice if we could accept it wholeheartedly It'll be nice if we could walk holding hands Did you lose your important thing? Product Details Catalog No. What you lost was it something important? Anonymous December 10, at asua Visit your "Email Preference" page.

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Original lyrics, cover arts, and videos are copyright of their respective owners and are only provided here for reference and educational purposes.

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