I wrote the song Surovi grade Brutal city and decided to use it to fight youth violence. Where does the need to talk about and fight issues such as violence and inequality come from? They have held over concerts throughout Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Germany and were the warm up act for Muse's Zagreb concert.

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What connections do you have to Hungary, and how do the culture and people differ to that of Croatia? How did it come about, svjma sort of story is there hiding behind it?

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Thankfully, we have Facebook and YouTube which have really helped us — if it wasn't for the internet, I have no idea what we would do. The course also gave me the opportunity to work at HRT Croatian Radiotelevisionwhere I currently work as a sound engineer. What was that experience like? Over 45, people have attended the concerts during which we promote tolerance and non-violent resolution of conflict among young people through music and educational programs.

Do svimw think that music can influence society?

I came up with the scenography for the clip myself while I was writing the lyrics. The bureaucratic machine is very slow and complex in Croatia, deterring foreign investors. How did you get the idea for the video clip with the horse rider?

We have a lot of plans for next year, including increasing our popularity not just in Croatia but throughout the region. The bashing and death of Luka Marinac in really affected me, and then dogoxi Luka Ritz was killed, I decided that I had to take action.

After his PhD, they married in Budapest but decided to live in Zagreb. What do you think of the current rock scene in Croatia?

Do you have a lot of institutional support for the fight against youth violence? What also makes this band really special is how they have used their growing fame dogoodi public voice to fight for a worthy cause in Croatia. With the support of the City of Zagreb, the City Department for Arastra, Culture and Sport and the Department of Youth, we held a number of large concerts on the main city square in Zagreb in Svimaa and in in honour of all victims of youth violence.

Nabujala rijeka Rising river is a song that many people think is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written in our language. I meet them through mutual acquaintances — unfortunately it took me quite a while to get a group of people together who believed in Adastra, but I hope that this line-up will last a long time.

On the contrary, it's a lot easier to reach your audience through them. Tell us a little bit about the organisations Zvuk svjetlost and Nije svejedno It matters. I wrote the song Surovi grade Brutal city and decided to use it to fight youth violence. The motives follow the text and the atmosphere of sbima track.

Surovi Grade | Adastra – Download and listen to the album

Where do you get your inspiration for Adastra's unique sound, which is comparable to that of some of the world's best rock bands? Many readers won't know that you are partly of Hungarian background. I felt the need to publicly talk about youth violence following a series of horrific events in and I came up with the scenography for the clip myself while I was writing the lyrics.

Older musicians and groups we call them 'fossils' in Croatian receive the most media coverage, which I think is really unfair. He also founded Zvuk svjetlosti The Sound of Lightan association that organises educational concerts for young people to combat the growing problem of violence on the streets of Croatia and to spread the message of love, tolerance and acceptance of all people. In today's Croatia, the majority of parents don't have enough time or skills to take care of and engage with young people, due to a number of factors.

It all began with my father, who was born in Herzegovina, but completed a PhD in civil engineering in Budapest where he met my mother Marija, who is Hungarian. I'm lucky that my mother taught me Hungarian, so I don't have any problems with it. I think that just like all other countries around the adaetra, Croatia is becoming more violent because parents are not giving their children enough care, there is poor communication and bad relations towards young people.

Drazen Zeljkovic for Adastra

Adastra is a young rock band from Croatia's capital that was founded in and has been gaining increasing popularity over the last couple of years, now making them one of the hottest bands in the country and symbolising a new generation of musicians. Thank you for the compliment! I think that a very difficult and outdated mentality is present in Croatia, coupled with a low level of knowledge among people.

I was also inspired by a vist to Mostar at the time and people who were jumping into the Neretva River, although I completed the song while I was studying in Ljubljana.

Of course, we'd also love to come and play in Australia.