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Last edited by Mupen64 Man; March 11th, at After you've done all of that, you should be ready to go! Video of the Day. It is required to use the emulator. RAR archive and drag the contents out of the archive to the "PSX" folder on your computer and drop them to copy them into the folder.

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Please note, however, that the procedures above have worked in my case without any damages or problems. See the Hosting Information page for more information. Reading a card using the parallel port. I cannot be held responsible for any damages that could occur to you or your equipment while following the procedures present on this page.

Guide to set up pSX v

Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. RetroPie subscribe unsubscribe 59, readers users here now Current Version - 4. I would also like to know how to enable the second memory card. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Last Jump to page: Enter a name for the memory card and click on the "OK" button once you are finished to successfully create and name the emulated memory card.

It has to read from Both memory card slots for it to work.

How to Save to Memory Cards With a PSX Emulator

Move your cursor down and select "Configuration" by clicking on it. Name the folder "PSX. Once acrd have downloaded it, place it into the BIOS folder. Anyone who might know, please respond to the post.

Now also works under Windows download the. This project is also available on GitHub! Leaving the game, no game saved!

PSX Memory Card 2 - RetroPie Forum

I'll post back if mrmory works or does not. Press the F6 key while playing your PSX game to save your game. Thank you so much I did not extract it properly hahaha. Either you forgot or you did not want to post the keyboard config,and graphics config.

Video of the Day.

It is required to use the emulator. When I saved the game, it appears to be saved but nop! People put in lots of time and effort into some of these projects and we don't want to discourage anyone posting. RAR archive to meory it. You can download it by clicking this link: Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. You can downvote or say that was obvious but not for me and cagd, not for everyone!

Once it us Open, click on the "Memory Cards" tab. Visit the PSX Emulator website psxemulator. Once pressed, Type in the name you want your memory card to be and click "Open" After that window closes, fard apply. Is it against forum rules to keep posting here if I have any more problems or should I make a new thread?

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