I This course surveys the ways in which modern literature has represented science and scientists. The events of the English Reformation profoundly influenced these writers, and their personal struggles against societal institutions have greatly influenced subsequent literary expressions of rage and rebellion. This course will examine how people from differing cultural backgrounds communicate, in similar and different ways among themselves, and how they endeavor to communicate across cultures. They learn specific strategies that can support writers as they plan, draft, and revise written work in a number of genres, and they study effective ways to provide helpful feedback on drafts. In the first part of the course, students will review parts of speech, basic sentence types, and sentence and paragraph structure in order to understand how sentences are put together and the impact their construction has on readers. The course will operate as a series of student projects in which students create scientific documents from major disease categories.

Attention will be given to the local contexts of these writings as well as to each writer’s contributions to the larger continuum of American Literature. If our writers were “free and brave”, with words “loaded with life, they would usher in a “new age”. This course is intended for students interested in any one of the following: II This course will examine the many ways in which dramatists, essayists, filmmakers, novelists, and poets have articulated ecological and environmental concerns. The student will investigate the importance of theatre practice in the evolution of the dramatic literature of the country.

In a workshop setting, students will write a sequence of short papers and complete creative writing wpi longer writing project based on multiple source texts; learn to read critically and respond helpfully to each other’s writing; and make oral presentations from written texts. The England that nourished these writers will be viewed through their ballads, lyrics, sonnets, epigrams, and epics.

I This course is designed creative writing wpi students who wish to work intensively on their writing.

Rhetoric and Writing

Focusing on Milton, John Donne and others, we will examine the theme of sin? Students will also be reading texts by contemporary writers such as David Mamet which address the theme of sin in the modern city.

Topics will include the rebellion against post bellum sentimentalism, the rise of regional writing, the emerging literature of social protest, and literary responses to advances in science, industry, and urban life. The course examines the political, economic, creative writing wpi, and rhetorical roots of the concept, assesses its popular and commercial manifestations, and explores the ironies, paradoxes, and continuities that have shaped this national self-image creative writing wpi almost years.

In this project-based class, students will develop research questions, construct a relevant method study, and carry out that study.

II Participants in this course will examine outstanding works of 19th-century English poetry and fiction, and consider questions of identity, creative writing wpi, judgment, and social responsibility.

Course lectures and discussions investigate ethics of scientific reporting and teach students creative writing wpi to recognize deceptive texts and arguments both quantitative and qualitative. In addition to class discussions and scene work, students will be able to enhance their readings by analyzing video recordings of the plays. WR Elements of Writing or equivalent writing courses.

To what extent are we mechanical or algorithmic in the process of composition?

Creative Writing | The Towers

WR Elements of Writing Note: This course will cover basic principles of prose style for expository and argumentative writing. II This course creative writing wpi the formation and history of the African Creative writing wpi literary tradition from slave narratives to contemporary forms in black popular culture. I American writers from our beginnings have been preoccupied with “The American Dream” as a benchmark for measuring the attainment of our highest ideals as a people. The cultural context and philosophical assumptions of the novels will be studied as well as their form and technique.

In the process, regular writing exercises and class visits from established authors will help to create a community of writers grounded in diverse methods. Students will write about and create a number of visual media in this projectcentered class. WRor equivalent writing course. Creative writing wpi what extent can a machine voice that which is elementally human?

This community and its highly individualistic writers remain national icons in the 21st century.

Technical writing combines technical knowledge with writing skills to communicate technology creative writing wpi the world. II Teaching Writing introduces students to the theory and practice of written composition. Shakespeare refers to creative writing wpi special emphasis on visual adaptations. I By examining authors who reacted against the so-called “genteel tradition,” this course attempts to show how various subjects death, sex, war, slum life and racial prejudice were treated more honestly in short stories and novels after the Civil War.

If our writers were “free and brave”, with words “loaded with creative writing wpi, they would usher in a “new creative writing wpi.

How do the natural and the naturalized relate to artifice and the artificial in this context? Discussion of the growth of regional theatres and their importance to the continuation of theatre as a serious and non-profit art form will be included in the course. Study will focus upon building skills to effectively analyze form and structure through dramatic content, and to create approaches to staging the plays from an informed understanding of the elements of theatrical style.

Students research and read about the writing process and how best to support it through the practice of explicit teaching and tutoring. This course introduces the fundamental principles of technical communication, and the tools commonly used in the technical writing profession. Through written work and oral presentations, course participants will engage creatively with a fundamental question: Worcester Polytechnic Institute Creative writing wpi Attention will be given to the local contexts of these writings as well as to each writer’s contributions to the larger continuum of American Literature.

Where applicable, the topical theme of the class will be provided via the Registrar’s office. II This writing-intensive course covers concepts and skills necessary to write and implement narrative in interactive media and games. Creative writing wpi covered may include study of the structure of theatrical organizations, recognizing planning techniques for creative writing wpi production process, discovery of organizational dynamics within the theatre environment, and detailed exploration of various managerial tasks within theatrical productions.