Additionally, if the sponsor has a financial interest in a product either directly or indirectly discussed in the manuscript, this relationship should be identified, along with the name of the product. Once a supplement has been accepted it is formally scheduled for publication; changes to the publication date at this stage cannot be accommodated. Li Y, Kottgen A. AJKD will not publish content that has already been disseminated online or in print. In addition, any author may order offprints at any time via Elsevier’s WebShop. Tina used her creativity to create an easy to read, condensed version of my 30 years of legal experience and the challenge was reducing that to two pages. Editorials are limited to 1, words and 1 figure, table, or box; in most cases, editorials have no more than 20 references.

Once a supplement has been accepted it is formally scheduled for publication; changes to the publication date at this stage cannot be accommodated. The content must be of sufficient informational value and quality to warrant a separate journal issue and must have a unifying theme. It is important to remember, federal resumes are long so including valuable information at the end is risky because your reader may not make it there. I will defenetly recommend her to my family and friends. My work abilities are backed up with experiences and knowledge.

Whenever possible, any information identifying individual patients or study participants should be avoided.

Cover Letters for Federal Applications

Systematic Review or Meta-analysis A systematic review follows an explicit protocol to systematically identify, appraise, and synthesize the findings of studies that address a similar question; a meta-analysis, which contains a quantitative synthesis of the results of the systematic review, is preferred, whenever possible. In addition, any individuals who contributed to the work described in the manuscript but who do not qualify as authors must be named in this section.

Resolution should not be reduced except when file size would otherwise be impractically large; in most cases, pixel-based images should have a resolution of at least 1, dpi for graphs and line art or dpi for micrographs and other images.

Information on agreements with funding bodies on the Elsevier website specifies the funding bodies that will prepay or reimburse publication fees. The manuscript must be kept confidential and the reviewer must request permission from AJKD beforehand if a colleague is to be consulted.

These cover letter cjasn do not typically address the mechanisms through which cover letter cjasn work. Except for genetic association studies, P values less than 0. Item 4 is intended to make clear that the responsibilities of authorship are not limited to direct accountability for the parts of the work that the author performed, but also cover knowing which co-authors are responsible for which other parts of the work, and having confidence in the accuracy and integrity of these co-authors.

For supplementary figures unlike in-text figuresthe full legend cover letter cjasn be included in the file cover letter cjasn the figure itself. If questions arise about an aspect of a study or cover letter cjasn, the authors have a collective responsibility to ensure the issue is resolved.

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Weiner D, Tighiouart H. Improvement interventions are often adjusted in response to outcomes. Criteria for review include clinical importance, originality, and the clarity of the case presentation.

Other custom features include clinical practice guidelines, commentaries on such guidelines, and kidney cover letter cjasn surveillance reports. Printing of a dissertation or thesis is not considered dissemination; however, online access to the full text should be embargoed until the AJKD article is published.

For methodological cover letter cjasn in studies using laboratory testing of biomarkers, AJKD endorses following the recommendations of the Consortium of Laboratory Medicine Journal Editors. Clinically focused Narrative Reviews should describe the treatment, diagnosis, or pathogenesis of a disease process or its complications, emphasizing recent advances in the field.

Further information on sponsorship opportunities may be obtained from Elsevier. It is the responsibility of the Guest Editor or Coordinator to disclose to the editorial office cover letter cjasn the time of submission cover letter cjasn restrictions or expectations communicated to the Guest Editor or Coordinator by the sponsor s regarding the contents of the supplement.

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The review process depends on the number and length of articles and the nature of their content. Any reports of potential misconduct submitted to the journal should include as much detailed information as possible to assist the editors cover letter cjasn their investigation.

However, authors who believe that their manuscript was rejected due to a misunderstanding or mistake may e-mail the editorial office to explain why they believe the decision to be in error. These articles are limited to 2, words and require an unstructured abstract words. For synthesis of primary qualitative studies including by thematic synthesis, meta-ethnography, and critical interpretive synthesis authors should report the approach for conducting the literature search and selection, appraisal, and synthesis of findings in accordance with the ENTREQ framework.

For Original Investigations, a subtitle stating the study design is recommended. The AJKD editors recognize their role in making all reasonable efforts to maintain the integrity of the scholarly record, and will generally follow COPE recommendations when they suspect or cover letter cjasn credible allegations of a breach of journal policies.

The Guest Editor may cover letter cjasn to write an introductory piece, but each article must include sufficient introduction and description of methods to stand cover letter cjasn its own. Furthermore, the Guest Editor or Coordinator must state what, if any, financial relationship they may have with the sponsor of the supplement. The criteria for editorial decision making regarding journal content do not include any perceived effect on advertising revenue.

AJKD requires clinical trials to be registered see clinical trial registration policy and strongly encourages cover letter cjasn the study protocol with any amendments identified with date with the initial submission. For articles in excess of 2 journal pages, authors are responsible for paying a fee per cover letter cjasn or partial page.

The table number and title should be included above the table. The manuscripts must be prepared and submitted according to standards governing regular journal content. Prediction Study A study that describes the development or use of a model designed to estimate risk of reaching a specific clinical end point within a defined period of time.

At their discretion, the cover letter cjasn may request this information for other article types. An experimental study that assesses the effect of an intervention or compares the effects of 2 or more interventions. Articles will almost invariably require revision; cover letter cjasn addition, the EIC reserves the right to reject portions of the supplement, or the entire supplement.

For nonrandomized trials evaluating behavioral and public health interventions, authors should follow the TREND guidelines.

Prior to publication, the author must supply written documentation that the individual cited was shown the proposed personal communication wording and gave permission to be named in the article as the source of this information.

Authors who choose color printing will be billed by Elsevier. At the time they are invited to review, individuals must disclose cover letter cjasn COIs that could bias their opinions, and they must disqualify themselves from reviewing when appropriate. Such requests will only be considered if made prior to manuscript submission and if none of the authors is situated in the Cover letter cjasn States.