Since reports of cases do not include methods, they are not suitable as Research Letters. All manuscripts reporting research studies involving human participants or data including quality improvement activities must include a statement that the research was approved by the appropriate research ethics committee eg, an institutional review board , quoting the approval number. In contrast to a trial, investigators do not deliver an intervention or manipulate its use; ie, they do not assign patients to treatment or control groups. When authors are uncertain about the need to disclose, they should err on the side of so doing. Authors are encouraged to review the table in the ICMJE’s publication regarding data sharing for further detail on the type of information to be included in data sharing statements and possible wording of such statements. Cover Letters for Federal Applications Cover letters are typical for the corporate world, but when it comes to federal applications, are they necessary?

A Guest Editor is a subject expert who is responsible for the content of the supplement, ensuring the quality of each component manuscript and its contribution to a cohesive, coherent whole. Publication of a supplement does not constitute product or sponsor endorsement by the NKF or AJKD , and a disclaimer indicating this will be printed in each supplement. Dear Sir or Madam: Individuals who have potential COIs should not serve as peer reviewers. Working with Tina for the last 4 years has always been a pleasure. My work abilities are backed up with experiences and knowledge.

Collectively, the authors are responsible that the article is an honest, cover letter cjasn, and transparent account of the study being reported; that no important aspects of the study have been omitted; and that any discrepancies from the study as planned and, if relevant, registered have been explained. The content must be of sufficient informational value and quality to warrant cover letter cjasn separate journal issue and must have a unifying theme.

Accessed February 5, Criteria for review include clinical relevance, comprehensiveness, and balance. What is a kidney biopsy?

Sample General Cover Letter

For initial submission, authors may exceed these limits if they are concerned about omission of key information; if revision is requested, the editors will provide guidance on appropriate reductions or the use of supplementary online material. These articles are limited to 4, words; an unstructured abstract words is required, and most Narrative Reviews will have no more than references. AJKD considers irresponsible and unethical research practices to include fabrication invention of datafalsification tampering with data, including imagesmisrepresentation plagiarism, duplicate publication, misattributionor any other behavior cover letter cjasn lessens the reliability or integrity of the research record.

The fee is in addition cover letter cjasn other potential cover letter cjasn fees such as color and page charges. My work abilities are backed up with experiences and knowledge. The editorial office will contact the Guest Editor or Coordinator regarding the decision to accept, reject, or require additional revisions.

I would highly recommend Tina for all of your resume requirements. Nutritional supplement use and mortality in dialysis. AJKD conducts single-blind review: Research Letters report findings relevant to clinical practice or research in a concise format comprising up to words, 10 references, and a total of 2 cover letter cjasn or tables.

AJKD takes seriously its responsibility to respond to suspicions or allegations of misconduct according to its misconduct handling policy. In addition, Tina was always accessible to me when I needed her assistance and her pleasant personality made it a joy to work with her. Using a cover letter in this way will allow you to cover letter cjasn more of the keywords or phrases that your resume may be scanned for into your resume.

For case-cohort studies, authors may cover letter cjasn to review Sharp et al A review of published analyses of case-cohort studies and recommendations for future reporting.

In this same way, you could use the resume builder to your advantage when it comes to a cover letter. Quality Improvement Study A description of an initiative conducted to improve quality of care. All articles published open access will be immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.

I assure you that I can successfully fulfill any obligations requiring cover letter cjasn any responsibility upon your company.

Cover Letters for Federal Applications

Individuals who have potential COIs should not serve as peer reviewers. P values from 0. If copyright permission is required for any component cover letter cjasn the submission, appropriate documentation must be on file before publication.

Thank you for your time. Special Report An article summarizing the activities of a group or initiative relevant to clinical practice or research in nephrology.

Publication of a supplement does not constitute product or sponsor endorsement by the Cover letter cjasn or AJKDand a disclaimer indicating this will be printed in each supplement. Examples include reports of scientific workshops and descriptions of the rationale or progress cover letter cjasn initiatives or consortia. Articles will almost invariably require revision; in addition, the EIC reserves the right to reject portions of the cover letter cjasn, or the entire supplement.

A study that describes the development or use of a model designed to estimate risk of reaching a specific clinical end cover letter cjasn within a defined period of time. A study that uses routinely collected health or healthcare administrative data that seeks to draw inferences about patterns of healthcare delivery, clinical decision-making, and their relationship to health outcomes.

Supplementary material file s should be provided at the time of manuscript submission, and should be called out in the text eg, Table S2, Fig S1, Item S4. For subscription articles, authors may use their articles for a wide range of scholarly, noncommercial purposes, provided there is no systematic or organized distribution of the published article. Get inspiration by checking out more general cover letter samples from a range of industries!

Printing of a dissertation or thesis is not considered dissemination; however, online access to the full text should be embargoed until the AJKD article is published.

Cover Letters for Federal Applications

Even if the journal agrees to reconsider the manuscript, acceptance is not guaranteed, and the reconsideration process may involve previous or new reviewers or editors and substantive revision.

Editors and editorial cover letter cjasn staff must not use information gained in the course of their duties for private gain. Cover Letters for Federal Applications.