Villagers remain particularly concerned at the pollution of the scarce remaining groundwater and land which they blame on the discharge by the Coca-Cola company of its waste into the surrounding fields. Show related SlideShares at end. Maillons forts du changement social. Ostrea edulis can be found in estuarine and shallow coastal water with hard substrata of mud and rocks. This section is based on a wide variety of sources including court judgements, press releases and official statements from Coca Cola. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. More so, for every 1 litre of product produced there were 2.

Coca-Cola drew around 5,10, litres of water each day from boreholes and open wells. The first of these was that the company shall not use groundwater from Perumatty Panchayat for industrial purposes, or for producing soft drinks, aerated carbonate beverages or fruit juice. Women from the Vijayanagaram Colony in the village of Plachimada, protested that their wells had dried up because of the over-exploitation of groundwater resources by the Coca-Cola plant. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Communities Reject Coca-Cola in India. BUT does final court ruling in Plachimada show that economic interests trump local concerns? The next day, several members of the group were arrested by the police on trumped-up charges.

The Plachimada Struggle against Coca Cola in Southern India – Ritimo

On November 16,the High Court yet again demanded that the Panchayat to issue a license. Huge agricultural tracts turned to mono-cultures, and companies came in looking for cheap sources of water — such as the textile industry.

In the following days, tensions with the police escalated. This waste had been dumped in the adjoining areas on the pretext of providing fertilizer to the farmers. We continue to work with relevant government bodies, industry associations, non government organizations NGOs and the scientific community to develop and finalize criteria and associated testing methods for pesticides in soft drinks.

Only through coca cola plachimada case study ppt means we can ensure the fundamental and inalienable right to water for the people all over the world.

Examine the environmental and human factors affecting patterns and trends in physical water scarcity and economic water scarcity. Rutgers university mba program ranking. But by then, new rules established by the Kerala Groundwater Control and Regulation Act had taken effect. Gate solved paper for ce This suffered from a host of serious technical problems which had to be solved by either writing replacement code e. Coca Cola has the largest soft drink bottling facilities in India.

Undersecretary for International Trade, warned that bans imposed on soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi could blight India’s hopes of attracting American investment and result in a setback for the country’s economy.

It bluntly states that “community water issues do not appear to form an integral part of the water coca cola plachimada case study ppt management practices of The Coca-Cola Company.

Water Privatization Plachimada, India Presented By Gerardo Marenco – ppt download

Local communities complained that water pollution and extreme water shortages were endangering their lives. Early in the course of the Committee’s work Coca-Cola had sent us a threatening letter which we had chosen to ignore.

Additionally, the Panchayat sent a list of 16 questions to the company and asked them to appear on November 17,with all supporting documents and reports. Initial Court Ruling In December single judge bench rules uphold right of panchayat to force closure of bottling plant Ownership of water: Based on article by P.

Suicide rates among Indian farmers coca cola plachimada case study ppt livelihoods are being destroyed are growing at an alarming rate. While we are not even close to being one of the largest users of water, we are certainly one of the most visible, and have been subject to criticism that we are depleting groundwater coca cola plachimada case study ppt in the State of Kerala.

The causal effect is different for every subject, but the drug works for everyone because everyone’s blood pressure decreases.

Besides this, the high caloric value contributes to obesity. In light of these facts, the Perumatty Panchayat again issued a notice to the company, following which the company again petitioned the High Court, which again referred them to the LSD, which again sided against the Panchayat.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. A CSE statement said: Charan HansdaWorking at None Follow. His tall case clocks were always of eight-day duration other than extremely rare extended running clocks. Looking through coca cola. Then newly elected state government of Kerala assured community leaders that it would take proactive measures against the Coca-Cola bottling plant in south India.

Where is the Environment?.

Water Privatization Plachimada, India Presented By Gerardo Marenco

The rules should be based on sound and validated testing methodologies. These changes include; Change in water color, Change in the taste, and reduction in water level etc.

For year-old K Coca cola plachimada case study ppt, the irony was stark. Coca-Cola drew around 5,10, litres of water each day from boreholes and open wells. Briefing workshop August The secretary of the Panchayat cancelled the license, stating the following reasons: The right over water and air is the right to live.