Nov 08, Megan rated it it was amazing. A copy of this book will be mailed automatically to all Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus Members whose accounts are in good standing as of June 15th, when mailing lists are compiled. It leaves a lot of room for discussion and rethinking. Preview — Rethinking Homework by Cathy Vatterott. Please subscribe, comment and engage. Lots of practical ideas are given to help teachers structure the homework they assign to align with learning goals.

Rethinking Homework is just that – a research based, analytical look at the effectiveness of homework, and solutions for working with parents and students on reasonable homework policies and procedures that will both encourage and improve students success. However, the author does not pick a firm side, seeming at first to say we need to get rid of homework but toward the end seeming to only call for a revision to what we assign. I was disappointed that the suggestions didn’t seem to be as updated as I would have liked. It started with Cathy’s article in Ed Leadership which brought me to this book. Some of the diversities that influence perspective on homework include: Cathy Vatterott has crafted a timely and useful guide for understanding and transcending the recurring debate related to traditional homework. I definitely plan to change some of my assessment practices, however.

She is bringing up these ideas for consideration and self-reflection, and she provides a lot for us to think about. The book helped bring up some areas that I myself was a lazy thinker cathy vatterott rethinking homework After reading many cathy vatterott rethinking homework may find that Ms.

However, if that frustration can lead toward increased collaboration with schools or to more informed conversations with policymakers, it may serve to hasten meaningful reform in education.

Veteran teacher, trainer, professor, consultant, and author Cathy Vatterott distills her cathy vatterott rethinking homework of experience with all kinds of schools into a balanced approach that ensures homework leads to more opportunities for learning and teaching At last, a book that forever solves the debate over whether homework is an essential component of rigorous schooling or a harmful practice.

While much of the chapter explores a range of research topics related to homework as the title suggestsshe spends equal time dissecting the methods, problems, and biases of research in this field. August 5, cathy vatterott rethinking homework 2: I highly recommend that every parent, teacher, and administrator reads this book.

Vatterott is tilling the soil by unearthing assumptions and preparing minds for the planting of new seeds. August 7, at 1: Jan 15, Mary rated it liked it.

It was too long for a book. While Vatterott questions the efficacy of homework calling into question all of cathy vatterott rethinking homework things that make it a seemingly non-standardizable taskshe also notes its merits when done right. Its not really that interesting to grade. The more self-reflexive we are in our practice–pro OR anti-homework–the better teachers we all will be.

This could have been a long article in an education journal. Dec 03, Nshslibrary rated it really liked it.

Subscribe Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. However, the author does cathy vatterott rethinking homework pick a firm side, seeming at first to say we need to get rid of homework but toward the end seeming to only call for a revision to what we assign.

In many ways it feels like Ms. Aug 05, Kari S rated it liked it.

ASCD Book: Rethinking Homework: Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs

Both of these sk Lots to like here. December 11, at 6: She cites many cathy vatterott rethinking homework but none of them are in places where she makes a point, they are all in the cathy vatterott rethinking homework information.

By the end of her book, Vatterott explains that homework reform can be a catalyst for total school reform, as well as drive future reform of assessment, curriculum, and instructional practices, but that it faces serious roadblocks from parents, teachers, or administrators clinging to outdated beliefs or habits. Great book for teachers. It is time to break old Puritan habits and to start looking at quality assignments that are differentiated, purposeful, and doable by students on their own.

Chapter one said that assigning homework is bad because it assumes that the cathy vatterott rethinking homework are incapable of providing good educational lessons at home, but later in the book it s This had a few good points, but it was just another book on why homework is bad for kids.

Aug 11, Sasha Albrecht rated it really liked it. This section is a curious addition to me. Jan 23, Nancy rated it really liked it. I don’t agree with everything in it, but I do think cathy vatterott rethinking homework the author makes some legitimate points.

Rethinking Homework: Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs

Lots to like here. Highly recommend this for all teachers and administrators, no matter what grade level. Oct 08, Tracey rated it it was amazing Shelves: