I mean one of those personal scooter things that people ride on could do the balancing on this I would think it would be immense! And I'm not really impressed with the rendering either. Bozo on November 11,

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Verticopter Simulation with X Plane Simulator - video dailymotion

It had many very successful flights, and a ton has been learned about the design. All systems required for ground movement taxiing. Motorcyclist Hums with Electric Bike News. Unfortunately you have to pay for each different version of the Verticopter in order to fly it, but there verticopterr a free demo version which lets you fly for up to 10 minutes each time you start the simulator.

Huh, what's about the ugly reflections under the plane??

Installation and run-up of the turbocharged sHP engine. Before this airplane goes into full-scale manufacturing, it is a given that a team of different engineers will conduct further calculations and refinements Would appreciate being involved when marketing begins in South Africa!

The Verticopter® , an Adaptable and Expandable Convertiplane - CAFE Foundation Blog

If the plane is fairly light and motor strong, I suspect it would fly fairly easily. Olaf on November 14, Differential thrust vectoring gives the craft great flexibility in maneuvering, including in yaw.

I guess that I should have articulated my issues with it better and I just thought of a perfect analogy to describe it. Regarding the vertical take-offs and landings, the RC prototypes are in their earliest stages right now, and for safety reasons, no VTOL is attempted.

While using smaller motors 1, Watts per motor capability, but running only Watts on his model prototype, he anticipates mounting something like the Turnigy on his first manned craft. The motor shown … Read More. Reported here inthe aircraft initially looked a bit like an annular-wing configuration with pivoting engines or electric motors for lift and propulsion. You guys are doing in a couple of years what Moller couldn't do in more than 25 years of development.

An on-board computer is a given for this design, and artificial stabilization systems are widely available.

Simulations May Stimulate Better Hybrids. Congrats, Blender, for the design. If you ask me: Think of a plate of cookies you do not want to spill themthe vertiplane's design would force you to lift the plate up by using your finger under the center of the plate in other words near impossible, or need more fingers. I really need the income to keep this site running.

Think of it as kind of a flying segway, which basically has similar issues regarding the balance point but still manages to not tilt over due to the computer controlled balancing ; Reply.

The Verticopter® , an Adaptable and Expandable Convertiplane

The reflection is an indication of the floor's material, and was attained through the new "gloss" setting in Blender's reflection engine. Your simulations on X-Plane give real credibility to your design, that will help enormously in commerical negotiations. I would think it would be immense!

DeMoN on November 10, Now, in its most current version, it looks a bit more like a box wing design with pivoting propulsion. Olaf on November 11, Daniel Klaue what are you using to drive the RC prototype?

Verticopter: Blender Designed Vertical Aircraft

I'm sure that they know what they're doing. The motor shown …. Meccy on November 11, I had to model this plane twice: Thank you for showing this work.

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