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Whities by Overmono. Created with a '70s vintage Woody organ, Hammond rhythm machine, shakers, cowbells, and the Mexican donkey jaw and fuelled by marching drums, synths, percussion, and roaring car engines. Unbalanced by Art Of Tones. Cinematic beat music, full of psychedelic drill.

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Without You by Prequel. Whities by Overmono. Forgot Password An error has occured - see below: Feel free to make a purchase as a guest! Funk goes chillwave on this LP from Andy Compton, which gives jazz and soul a hypnagogic glow. Rhythmic sensations, that Rebolledo produced to fight back the lack of soul, the lack of funk, rrebolledo the lack of black under the mirror ball.

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He travels constantly to South America, spends his summers in Europe, is half of the duo Pachanga Boys with Superpitcher. With the help of befriended singers and musicians such as Rodrigo CanoMatias Aguayo, Superpitcher, DiegorsRaquel WolffMiriam Torresand Philipp Gorbachevhe grooves towards a new horizon and keeps it raw and basic. But the DJ and producer can't boogie alone.

Jeopardy EP 12" Borusiade. Currently, we do not allow digital purchases without registration. Overall Rating 0 Submissions. Register Become a member of Amoeba.

Rebolledo - Super Vato (Vinyl LP) - Amoeba Music

Super Vato offers 10 hypnotic tracks that pool together all temptations of the night. Or browse results titled:. Register New customers, create your Amoeba. Unbalanced by Art Of Tones. Amoeba Newsletter Sign Up. Steady Gear Rod Maschine If you like Rebolledo, you may also like:. Super Vato CD Rebolledo.

Momento Drive CD Rebolledo. Rain 12" Matias Aguayo. A Mutual Antipathy Revisited by Scuba.

Super Vato by Rebolledo on Spotify

Cinematic beat music, full of psychedelic rebollero. Te Conozco Moscow Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 13, go to album. E-mail To reset your password, enter your registration e-mail address.

They all befriended him and took him under their wings to work on some fierce dance music. A record that absorbs you the more and more you listen to it. Super Vato LP Rebolledo.

Log In Username or Email: Alto 12" DJs Pareja. You have been subscribed to Amoeba newsletter. Rather basic, direct explosions that emerge from a simple gut feeling.

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