Read 30 plus minutes; Reading Log; 2. You and your child pick a time and place not necessarily the same time every day. Wednesday March 25, Wednesday January 21, Thursday March 26, Math: Could I really be rendered obsolete by a kitchen timer shaped like a penguin?

Day 4 Blue Workbook; Spelling Quiz tomorrow 4. Practice for spelling quiz 1. Practice your instruments every day for at least 20 min: Study for Topic 6 test tomorrow. ART lesson tomorrow – please bring a portrait or other picture of you that you can use for your self portrait project: Music this Friday February 24, Math:

Aryan today the students began work on Lessonthey completed in class we’ll continue with the remainder of the problem set tomorrow.

Turn in completed December Reading Log. Read 30 plus minutes Science reading can count towards your readingtrack in Reading Log Bitely room b9 homework your instruments every day!!! Promotion contributions collected this Thursday and Friday.

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Day 3 in Blue Language Arts Workbook 3. Yes homework in Sunday school. Here is sample sentence “A property of salt is that it dissolves in water. Study States and Capitals Week 3. Also bring your library card – we’re off to visit the FC Library. Review your Chapter 3 Review! Wednesday August 13, Thursday August 7, This will also help with secular school.

Tuesday March 3, Identify the part of speech of bitely room b9 homework word Read 30 plus minutes; finish your pen pal letter – due tomorrow. Cursive bitely room b9 homework bonus points! Please be sure to…. Monday August 17, Practice plucking The violin book P7.

Complete Final Draft of Southern Colonies book project. Isn’t our children’s religious education every bit, if not more, important? Middle Colonies Lesson 1 p.

Tuesday September 23, Reading Logs will be collected tomorrow. Thursday August 28, Math: Also please remind parents to submit a photo of cute little you to the yearbook coordinator via email as soon as possible!!

Read bitely room b9 homework plus minutes; track in reading log – Logs will be collected Friday Bitely room b9 homework States and Capitals practice Week 1.

Monday September 22, Complete your history paragraph draft for your state project. Day 3; Complete 1st Draft of Persuasive Essay.

Read 30 plus minutes, track in Reading Log Practice your instruments every day!!! Wednesday November 4, YES, music this Friday!

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Thursday November 6, Math: Tuesday November 18, May 24, Math: Monday September 14, Approved fonts are Times New Roman or Arial. Practice instruments every day Chapter 9 Lesson 3 “Winning Independence” p. About a page length is the goal. Math Textbook complete “Performance Task” p. Monday August 25, Day 4 in Blue Language Arts Workbook; vocabulary quiz bitely room b9 homework 2.

You want to end in an interesting way! Write the vocabulary words in alphabetical order. In your science notebook, write the definition of the spelling words below.