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Where can I see the amount of time taken by a manual test to be executed? Can multiple SilkCentral TestManager execution servers be installed on one machine? So it remembers these settings:. What is the recommended environment to run SilkCentral Test Manager?

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Amazon Web Server Integration. There are many other run parameters Specify a different set of parameters for each project. P ublish this comment publicly Your first n ame: If I delete the result of a run which currently has a bearing on the overall status of a Test Definition, will this effect the current overall status of that Test Definition?

Is it possible to report on the amount of tests that passed or failed for a specific build or version of a Product in SilkCentral Test Manager?

Winrunner from Mercury Interactive

I am trying to change the Borland logo to our own company logo on the Excel Report Template, after I upload my. After changing the defect type name i. Resize the requirement property panel on New Child Requirement window. Is it possible to create my own results parser for mercuyr SSH plugin so that it can exit with a status of passed? What is the purpose of Group accounts? Your l ocation mercurg, country: So if you edit Excel formulas or file names in Windows Explorer while you have WinRunner stopped, you'll probably be inadvertantly recording every keystroke you make.

SilkCentral Test Manager password encryption level and algorithm.

Instructs WinRunner to determine whether a window is stable before capturing it for a bitmap checkpoint or a synchronization point during a test run. Event Source of info start run Automatically added with the name of the script in Details column and "run" in the Results column. Does SilkCentral Issue Manager 4.

Retrieve information about result files of a test. How can I change the "Default State" assigned to newly entered issues? How can I rename a project in Issue Manager after it has been created?

HP WinRunner

This will corrupt whatever script and gui map you have open in WinRunner. Please contact your administrator to adapt your file rights. WinRunner has problems processing Excel files which contain more than one sheet. If you forget to move and save the position, change the win.

What does this mean? Internally, the Merxury program looks for these settings in win. It better supports NS 4. Sets the sampling interval in milliseconds used to determine that a window is stable before capturing it for a Context Sensitive checkpoint or synchronization point.

Import failing with 'Cannot drop table error'.

jercury Datamart Wrong or Missing Data. Product with Id "0" not found. Save scripts under this folder. Adding a parameter to a TestDefinition via the WebServices. For the Visual Basic, add-ins oleinit and vbinit are run, which loads "vblib32".

What are the default login details username and password to log into the SilkCentral Test Manger home page? Is there a way for Issue Manager to be the default view rather than Test Manager? Examples include login, inititating batch processes, etc.

Creating Test Definitions of type -Process Executor.

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