So also the name of Dr. The disparity between the two is great. Among the later Tamil politicians, MGR and Kalangyar Karunanidhi are worshiped for their political maturity and sincerity. Many thanks for pointing out the omission. Under the category of Art and Sculpture, C. In the category of literature, I believe P. He has been awarded the Roman Magsaysay award.

He is a very humble and pious Muslim and donates generously to charitable causes. Matches, Balls, Wickets Fielding Stats: Ethirveerasingham must be recognised under sports as an outstanding Tamil in bringing together Tamils in celebration of a unique achievement in sport at that time. Thanks to him, more people know the existence of Tamil. Lakshmana Swami Mudaliar , M. The Tamil people are blessed people to witness this star rise in the Zodiac in their lifetime in this 21st.

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Narayan India- novelist, essayist. Ramanah9 October I would like to nominate Mr. He had toiled for the unity of the militant leaders.

Goenka award for his contribution in “Popularizing Science among the Public”. Ultimately, he fasted to death without even drinking water. He did yeoman service for Tamil literature by unearthing ancient Tamil literary work which were almost lost to the present generation. One of the things that interests me is the One Hundred Tamils List.

Aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil is well known in Singapore for his comments against the Tamil culture and religion. L Samy and irA. He has been responsible for encouraging and bringing to the forefront many of the musicians we know today, including Mandolin Srinivas, Bombay Sowmya and Shashank.

Though they were brilliant politicians their contribution to the Tamil culture, language etc is nil. I would like to nominate ” Thiyagee Thileepan ” for the courageous approach he took in the liberation fight of Tamil Eelam.

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D as an erudite Historian and Tamil scholar as well as being one of the most scholarly of Supreme Court judges who contributed not only to the fabric of Tamil culture but to the legal framework of the Sri Lanka. Kamal Hassanthe most versatile and the best actor ever on the Indian screen does not find any aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil in your listings.

I don’t deny Aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil has in his own humble way contributed to the use and advancement of the Tamil language. Sachi Sri Kantha, Japan 29 November Is there any prejudice here?

His victory created national headlines. He met his tragic end in the hands of a frenzied group of Tamils who did not appreciate the value of such a special person.

Sivananthan Sivaparan, 11 December Ananda Krishnan of Malaysia for the Entrepreneurs category. Clough Thondaman, S Prof. Let us not forget there are so many doctors and engineers from Jaffna, but only one Ethirveerasingham who made every Tamil proud I was in the first class he took at JHC when he commenced teaching English in in his capacity as vice-principal.

If every one of aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil follow his way, we can lead the business world.

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Tan Sri Devaki Kirishnan – a Jaffna Tamil in Malaysia, she has shown exceptional qualities of leadership amongst the Tamils and women of Malaysia, over half a century. Arivazhagan Balasubramanian aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil, 17 July I would like to nominate a prominent person for Entrepreneurs – Mr.

And her acceptance as the benchmark for a melodious voice. I nominate him as a “Karma Veeran” who made invaluable contributions towards the struggle for Eelam. He was awarded the prestigious B. When the national language question arose after independence, some suggested English and some suggested Hindi, Sanskrit, Urudu. From Murali Murugavelu India 19 June Senthuran Nadarajah suggests for inclusion in list of Hundred Tamils:.

If you are genuinely interested, contributions to whatever field must be recognised. I am not sure of their aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil, but, if we forget them, it is a shame to us, to enjoy the freedom that they gifted to us.

In politics please remove the name of G. Azhagappa Chettiar may be listed under this aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories.